Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Went to the Beach!

Yesterday we went to the beach.
Well not the ocean beach, but the river beach.  At this time of year when the water is low, before the Spring runoff has started, there is a big sand bar in the Fraser River.  Instead of driving 40 minutes to the ocean, we can drive 10 minutes to the river.  The sand is really soft there, and it's hard enough for us just walking in the stuff, so the dogs must have got one heck of a work out.
We did remember to go prepared, with rubber boots and balls and a chuck-it.

We went out to the edge of the river, which meant everything was muckier, but the dogs got some water action too.

It made for some really mucky dogs

We could rinse them off in the river, but then we had a lot of sand to cross to get back to the trail and the car. 
It was one of those spring days that was a mixed bag regarding the weather.  Quite a heavy shower of rain, started, so we decided to head back.

And then we saw this

Which developed into this

Multiple pots of gold, just a river's width away!
There weren't any volunteers to swim across though, too bad:(

You should have seen the pile of sand that was on and around Luna's mat this morning, after her tail and feathers finally dried out.   Oh, and on the stairs, and in the basement. 
She must have felt much lighter.


  1. Marvelous river beach! Now that's what I call muddin! And the what a great way to top off the day :)

    Waggin at ya,

  2. When I die I want to come back as one of your dogs. How fun.
    I have seen some amazing rainbows out your way. Gorgeous way to cap off your day and worth every bit of rain.

  3. Your river beach looks just as fun as our ocean beach. Beautiful rainbow. You are lucky. We usually wind up in the bath tub afterwards
    Benny & Lily

  4. Wow, wow, and wow. The first pic with the rainbow in the trees across the river is an award winner.

  5. Looks like a beautiful day in a gorgeous place!

    Can't wait till it's warm enough to wade in the shallows at the ocean ....

  6. That looked like so much fun, the dogs must have had a good sleep that night.

    The rainbow pictures are wonderful, they could be published - especially the first one, I have never seen anything like it.

  7. What a beautiful rainbow! The dogs all look like they had a blast! Chance leaves sand everywhere here too..or he will if the snow ever goes away. I like your looks like a great place to walk:)


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