Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slugs and Other Random Stuff

Slugs on drugs?! 
This is what I saw when I stepped outside this morning.  That slug is on the top of the window on the side of the garage, which is under the deck,  seven feet above the ground, and which is many many feet away from any damp ground/dark hiding spot where you'd usually find a slug. 
I guess it just got lost.


And then a bit later when I was out in the greenhouse I saw this. A bird's egg stuck on the wire that is over the back window.  Well sort of over the back window.  It was loose in quite a few places and was curling in.  I wondered where the heck the egg had come from, and why it ended up like that. 

But then I figured it out.  
Amazing how that happens sometimes!
Outside the greenhouse, in the peak, one side of the fiberglass has pulled away from the wood.
I know the swallows nest up in the peak, but the swallows aren't here yet.  I figure there are probably some sparrows using it until the swallows, who have a reservation, show up to claim their honeymoon suite.  And then I'm guessing that somehow the egg rolled out, down behind the left piece of fiberglass, and then hit the window wire that was curled into the green house, and got stuck there.

 And now that I've stapled the wire in place again, the egg is just hanging on there, glued by the bit of yolk that leaked out and then hardened.  
My very own Easter egg, well until it rots and I bump it and maybe it explodes and smells absolutely gross, and then I'll be kicking myself for not getting rid of it sooner.

I also stapled the wire back on the top half of the door where it was hanging off, because on Sunday I walked in and found a mess.
Not that there isn't already a mess in there, because over the winter it's become one of those places were we just put things.

A hen who figured that the greenhouse was a much better place to lay an egg than the actual chicken coop, had got past the falling off wire, and had destroyed two of my cabbage plants.  There were another couple that were pulled out, but I stuck them back in and they survived.  The wire is all fixed now, but since we are in and out of the greenhouse for tools all the time, and sometimes forget to close the door,  I've put a bit of protection over the cabbage and broccoli plants, because you can never be too careful.
At first I wondered if it might have been a mouse, but then this morning when I opened the door to the greenhouse and found a hen already in there, I knew who the culprit really was.

And this is what I got planted today

And this is where I planted them.  This little bed is at the top of the driveway.  When we first moved here there was a little animal shelter right there.  Then I figured that the soil would be really good because of all the animal manure, so decided to make it into a garden.  It's only about 10' x 10'.  I was thinking today that it would be so nice to be able to plant seeds without having to worry about something scratching/running through/ pooping on them.  We have to fence everything off.  That's the garlic there at the back of the bed. It was planted last Fall.

The fence is also to keep mucky soccer players and their balls out.
Luna pushed her ball across it twice while I was raking it smooth.  The second time I said a few unkind words.  The third time the ball rolled into the corner, and she just laid there and waited for me to get it.
Smart girl!

And down in the other garden, the hired hand got the other two perennial beds mulched.  He said he hasn't been paid yet!


  1. And what did he want as payment.

  2. Great photo of Luna and the daffodil..
    Oh I bet your hubby just enjoys the exercise!:)


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