Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leftover Frittata

I am SO not into cooking these days.  Probably a result of spending too much time in the kitchen already.  Spend a few hours making jam, standing in front of the stove, stirring the pot, and then all the clean up involved with it, and by that point I don't want anything more to do with the kitchen.  So some days supper is just 'you're on your own'.  Some days I do manage to come up with something.  The easier the better.  The less dishes dirtied, the better.

A while ago, on one of the Saturdays that we'd taken off, I picked up a book from a garage sale. It was for kids, each page told you how to grow a different vegetable, and there was a recipe using that vegetable on the next page.  I did think that I could give it to one of my nieces for their kids.  Any one of you want it?

One recipe caught my eye, so I read it over and then decided to just wing it.

We had a bunch of potatoes that I had rejected as being salable (big worm holes, ones that I had stabbed with the fork, etc), as well as a zucchini and a bunch of chard that hadn't sold at the last market. 

Cooked the potatoes in a pot while I chopped up an onion and the chard and the zucchini, and got them frying in the pan.  When they were done I drained and then added the potatoes, and then beat 7 eggs in the pot I had cooked the potatoes in.  Added the eggs and some seasoning and left it on the stove and put a lid over the top to help it cook.


It was pretty good, the potatoes were the best part.  I wished I'd grated the zucchini instead of slicing it, but all in all it was pretty good.  And only two dishes dirtied in the making of it.


We have lots of lemon cucumbers right now, so they made a nice addition.  They don't taste like lemons, they just look like them.

Maybe they're available at a farmers market near you!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk

What I really should have done is included Jake in the picture and titled this post 'Jake and the Zucchini Stalk'.


This zucchini plant looks much more impressive in person of course.  Many times the camera just doesn't do justice to the object in the photo.  The top of the highest leaf is waist height.  The stalks and leaves below are bent to the ground like roots of a mangrove, sending the stalk skyward.  Too bad zucchini season is drawing to a close, it would have been interesting to see if that stalk kept heading up, or eventually crashed over to the ground.


Now that we are having quite a bit of damp weather, the slugs have reappeared from wherever it was that they were hiding, and chewing their way through the zucchini blossoms.


This is today's haul.  The one on the left is the one in the first two photos.


We have 10 or 12 zucchini plants.  I like to check them daily, and pick the zukes off at a certain size.  I had actually meant to check them on Sunday morning before we headed to the market, as there were a few that were close to size.  I totally forgot, and didn't even think about them either on Monday.  Finally remembered about them this morning (Tuesday) and was happy that with all the rain they hadn't turned into monsters.  The weather is cooler now, and they aren't growing as fast. Two or three more weeks and they will probably be finished altogether. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Back on the Blogging Bandwagon

Fall came in with a stormy blast today.  We were are the farmer's market in White Rock.  The market is in quite a nice location, around two tall apartment towers located at the top of the hill, up from the beach.  There is one rather large problem that comes with that location.  If it is a windy day, it can be VERY windy there.  The two towers create a wind tunnel effect, and it can get very ugly.  This year we had a pretty good stretch of weather, and no real issues with the wind.  Today, a storm system moved in, bringing both wind and rain.  By 10 am it was bad, with numerous people finding out that they didn't have their tents fastened down well enough.  Eventually the wind got strong enough that even those whose tent legs were staying in place, like us, were still having to hang on to the upper framework of the tent when a big gust hit. The rain was blowing at a 45 degree angle.  It was a bit scary, and further along, we heard things crashing over from booths set up right between the towers.  The market manager polled all the vendors, and the final decision was to close the market down early.  Probably a wise decision.  Generally it only takes one person to take down your tent, but today it took four.  One person holding on to each leg.  By 11 am many of the vendors had packed up.  Some of the farmers hung on longer, and a slow trickle of customers kept on arriving.  They were probably wondering what was going on, having only experienced a fraction of the wind that we had right at the market.  We were leaving by 11:30.  
At home here, later this afternoon, it started to clear up.


I looked for some gold hanging off Pride's withers, but nothing....
(He's looking pretty darn good for a 31 1/2 year old horse.  The tooth vet is coming tomorrow to check out his teeth, or what there is left of them.)

Maybe I should have taken a walk over to the bush.  Some gold would come in handy to pay that vet bill.