Saturday, April 11, 2020

Moss and Other Woodsy Tales

Months ago now, I played around with a little camera, taking some moss pictures.  It is a fascinating little world

It was raining that day, or had rained, so of course there are the rain drop pictures

A rustic wreath

Ferns growing 8 feet up the tree.

And then some more recent photos, that are quickly becoming dated.  
My annual 'deer skull killed by a cougar/trillium' photo

Indian Plum or Osoberry.  The fruit look like tiny little plums.  They are edible, but not particularly tasty.  I tried to make jelly one year, but wasn't successful.

Bleeding Hearts.  We are large areas covered in them, so pretty this time of the year.

Skunk Cabbage in our little seasonal creek

I've read that bears love them.


As well the False Lily of the Valley covers large swaths

Old dogs, old logs

Two old dogs😉

Later we went back out to cut that log up for firewood.  It had fallen down in to the swamp.  I do a lot of things, but chain sawing is not one of them.  I carry and split.  I got my boots stuck in that muck and more than once I had to drop my load to save myself!

We were dodging rain showers that day, and were successful.  But could see a good one to the north as we were heading back to the house.

A tree on the ground always looks more than logs on the trailer, which look more than the split wood stacked.  Every bit helps though!


These logs are a reflective of the times, don't you think?  Holes in our hearts.....