Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spuds and other Stuff

There was no getting the potatoes planted this year by March 3, which is what I aim for every year.   A few days ago I planted this bunch of leftovers from last year, that were going a little wild.

And then the rest of the bed was planted with some Warbas.

Tomorrow I'm going to put plastic over these hoops to help heat the soil a bit faster and give the potatoes a jump start.

It was a bit of weird day, starting out sunny, and then clouding over, and then it couldn't make up it's mind. Hard to tell in this photo, but it was sunny and raining at the same time.

Which meant there should be a rainbow. 
There was, but it was the weirdest rainbow I've seen here.  Instead of arching high into the sky, it seemed low and flat and barely showed above the trees.

Remember how I said that neither rototiller was working.  Well I told David that I'd give him $20 if he could get this one working.  Larry has no more mechanical aptitude than me.  Obviously there is some in his family though, as one brother is mechanically inclined, and my dad was too.  David had to get it from somewhere.  
David got the rototiller working, and went and rototilled a plot of garden.  
I love this little rototiller, and I love David even more!

Yesterday Larry seriously wounded the rototiller.  One tine caught on a piece of metal that was jammed in the ground to hold a board in place,  flung it up and it hit the rototiller by the fuel tank and a metal part got broken.  
The rototiller is at the hospital.  Hopefully it wasn't a mortal wound, or an expensive wound.  We don't know how long the recovery is going to take. 
It's back to digging by hand.

The greenhouse could do with a clean out and a power wash.

Jake getting the golden glow of the setting sun.  
Our driveway isn't as steep as the zoom makes it appear.

A random crow in the top of the oak tree

Tonight's full moon just coming up.  Apparently it is 14% larger, or maybe that was closer? than usual.

First day of Spring on Sunday!


  1. So against all scientific data, it appears that the earth really is flat after all. I've been tellin Mom this furever. Now she'll have to believe me ;)

    Great photos all! :D

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Please send homemade potato chips to Florida :)

  2. We all love potatoes here, your soil looks rich and ready! We can't plant here until late May at the earliest.

  3. My husband took me out to dinner after the Play Day and the moon was AWESOME looking through the clouds. It really did look HUGE.

  4. Ha, ha, laughed about the earth being flat:)

    I looked outside at 4:30 am, and the moonlight was definitely extra bright. I would imagine if there had been snow on the ground, it would almost seem like daylight.

  5. Really great pics! I can smell the earthy sprouts. Happy Planting!

  6. we love those taters!!
    Benny & Lily

  7. We had frost here overnight. Sheesh. Hello spring? Please come for good now.

    When we had a 1000sq ft garden plot in one of those community gardens, we rototilled one year. It sure saves time!


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