Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

It's here, or at least it was for a while today.  
Spring that is, as of 4:21pm.
Despite waking up to a frost and ice on the water buckets, it turned out to be a lovely day.
I seemed to spend a lot of the morning vacuuming and doing a bit of cleaning. Not exactly spring cleaning, but enough cleaning for me.  Since myself and cleaning aren't on a real friendly basis, and I avoid it when I can,  when I have the urge I really need to go with it,  sunshine or not.
Geez those dogs bring in a lot of dirt, and leave a lot of hair.

Since things were much cleaner now, it seemed to make sense to give Calli a furminator session.
Better to leave the hair outside than have to sweep it up inside.
There's going to be a lot of dog hair lined bird's nests in our neighbourhood.  The other day I saw some chickadee's picking some up.

Larry gave the dogs a ball session in the hayfield this afternoon, which resulted in both Jake and Luna going for a dip in the pool.  Hopefully Luna left a lot of dirt behind.

She seemed to prefer to drip dry and then she went for a roll.
Check here for a weirder version of this picture.

We worked down in the garden, and the human rototillers managed to get another bed dug over.  Thankfully I had tilled it before the tiller accident, so we just had to dig it over again to mix the compost in.

The canine rototiller did dig a couple of holes

And Jake waited so long for his toy to be thrown that he was falling asleep in the sun.  It was warm enough that I was down to a t-shirt, and even Larry was for a while. 

 Luna made herself scarce.  She doesn't like any banging noises, and I had to pound in the metal poles for the pea fencing.   I got sugar snap peas planted down both sides

And then we took turns digging the last few rows and got it all done. I got some arugula seeded, and of course have to protect it in case a stray chicken decides to start scratching there.

I also opened the gate to the pen the new hens were in. Quite a lot of them made it out and headed to the sheep barn and beyond.  There's more grass out there, which I want them to be eating. 

Miracles never cease. 
They all made it back in to the coop by dark, and most of them are roosting on the perches.  I had to count them to make sure, and they were all there.  
Wow, I was impressed!

To top the day off, one of Larry's brothers and his wife stopped by.  His brother is a big tall guy; not Luna's favourite.  She was pretty good with them, despite only seeing them a couple of times before, and it's been a year since the last visit.

A great day all round:)


  1. Yay spring! You all did have such a lovely day :) Mom says arugula is one of her fav lettuces YUM!

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Finally, Kilt and Luna differ. Kilt loves loud noises. Jet and Yoko hide. Love your chickens. I used to love to collect the eggs (and EAT them). Hubby not to fond of chickies, though. City boy.

  3. It only seems to be banging, pounding noises that Luna doesn't like. Engines, like the chainsaw and rototiller are just fine. Thunder is fine.
    When we start a fire in the woodstove, she is always looking a little worried. That's because Larry used to split kindling right there, banging the little sticks against the floor with a small axe. He does that outside now:)
    I often wonder if those sounds have a bad association from her puppyhood.

  4. I don't know what's wrong with my birds but they won't pick up any of the dog fur I leave for them. It just floats around in my garden until the rain makes the clump stick to bushes. Soooooo attractive. LOL

  5. Oh the dog hair we used to have around here. Piles and piles of it and she was a short haired dog. We do miss her though, hair and all.
    It would seem that you guys can't put anything off over there, rain or shine. So much work to be done.

  6. That looks so wonderful, I can't wait for Spring to arrive here! I so enjoy looking at the pictures of your dogs as they look so happy and full of life.

  7. Lori - Those labs, they sure can produce some hair:(

  8. KIlt doesn't like smoke from an outside fire. She doesn't mind the fireplace inside, though. I think it's the smoke that upsets her.

  9. You sure look like spring..your garden looks great, the soil looks all nice and have so many helpers..and yes the birds ought to love Calli's hair for nests..we spread Chances in the yard too. It looks so nice and warm there..I am jealous..we are supposed to be BELOW ZERO F tonite..they are saying -2F that is -19C ..brrr..:(


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