Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turkey and eggs for all...

Easter is past, but this is slightly related.  We had a simple Easter dinner on Monday.  Stuffed turkey breast was part of it.  I used to cook a whole turkey, and then we would be eating it for the rest of the week.  Then I felt that I should cook the turkey carcass up and make stock out of it.  You know, waste nothing.  Well sometimes that leftover mess would sit in the fridge until, umm, it was rather old, and I didn't feel it was safe to use any more.  Other times it would be cooked up in good time, and then the large pot of stock and cooked bones would sit in the fridge until it was too old, and I was scared to use it.  Yeah, I know, I have good intentions, but sometimes they are just all in my head. 

Well now that problem is solved.  A few months ago I started dabbling with feeding the dogs raw meat.  Think about it, it makes sense, what do wolves eat?  Their teeth and digestive system are designed for just that.  So I cut the breast off to make a couple of meals for us, and all this week the dogs are having turkey for breakfast.  We also have a lot of cracked eggs.  The other day when Larry was collecting them, a hen jumped up onto the edge of the basket, and tipped the whole lot over.  Add to that the fact the hens are getting older and the shells on the eggs are getting weaker, and we are drowning in cracks.

Can you hurry it up, we're hungry!!

Turkey and eggs, mmmm good

Ouside on the front lawn for Calli

Into the garage for Jake
Can I eat now?

Onto the back lawn for Luna
Me, me, me...


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