Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring - just teasing us today

A really blustery day today.  I heard that there was quite a bit of damage to the west of us, but the wind wasn't as strong here.  Yet when two family members went to our town to work and university, they said the roads there were covered in slush, and the lawns were white with hail.   I guess we were really lucky:)  Our only problem was the gate on the driveway kept blowing open UP the driveway, when usually it would swing open down the driveway.  Finally had to bungee it closed.  Can't take any chances with the dogs getting out onto the road.
It was great for drying clothes though.  Don't the jeans look like they are all going for a walk?

Spring officially arrived over two weeks ago, but the temperatures really have not been spring like.  This morning we could see fresh snow well down on the mountains across the river to the north of us.  Of course when the sun is shining, it makes all the difference in the world.  My poor little seedlings that got planted when it was much warmer than it is now, are not very happy.
I got a couple of garden beds weeded out this afternoon, hooray!

The catmint was talking back though.

The bartlett pear tree on the back lawn is just about in full bloom.  Looks like there will be lots of pears to sell and make jam out of this year, providing the weather and bees cooperate.
The hostas are unfurling.
Two of the dogs dozed in the sun.  It's not often you find Luna napping outside.  Jake kept his eyes half open JUST IN CASE I MIGHT THINK ABOUT THROWING THAT BALL!! that is tucked under his chin.

I took the weeds and dumped them in one of the chicken's ankle breaking dust bath holes for them to pick at.  The sheep figured they were missing something, so came to nibble on a few dandelions.
Go for it ladies.

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  1. Yay sun! It was a long time coming for us, but we've had 3 days in a row of sun now.

    PS thanks for the link :D


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