Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Ramblings

Good Friday, and where has Spring gone?  It was 6 degrees and light rain here at lunchtime.  It warmed up to a whole 10 degrees later in the afternoon, but the wind is blowing like mad.  In Ontario, where my sister lives, and we usually like to think we have the better weather on the west coast, it is 26 degrees!  Ridiculously warm, I heard some places broke the record by 10 degrees.  They do have some crazy swings in weather there though.  It is much more moderate here.

This morning Luna waited patiently for me to let her in the sheep field.

We got the sheep moving

And then she went on her big run around the sheep.  There she goes, disappearing behind the big tree on the right.

Across the bottom of the field, and up the other side.  You can just see her under her red name

We get the sheep out and leave them behind the barn, where they will wander out and into the hayfield.  Luna waits at the next gate.

We practice a little self control, and she waits until I give the 'okay'

And she's off as fast as she can go, body low to the ground

To herd the chicken coop!!  There she goes, around the right hand corner.

Quite often she goes around again

Look at that cornering!

And then she lays under the coop.  Any chance she gets she will do the same thing, and sometimes we haven't even realized she was there and have forgotten her.

I had left the gate open, and the sheep made a run for it.  You know how it is, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence.  They hadn't been in there for a while, and there was lots of grass to pick it, so I let them be.

I let the chickens out and told Luna 'that'll do' and she came running, ready for the next adventure, which was our morning bush walk.

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