Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today, in celebration of Earth Day, I went to my favourite nursery and bought three fruit trees.  Okay, to be perfectly honest I bought three fruit trees because my favourite nursery had them on sale because it was Earth Day.  'Bargain' should be my middle name.
They were a gravenstein apple, red bartlett pear and italian prune plum.  We planted them in the north field where they joined three other small fruit trees that were planted last year.
The most amazing thing though was that they got planted the same day they were bought.  I have a bad habit of buying plants and then taking forever to actually get them planted.
Also in the northwest corner of that field I planted a walnut tree that has been waiting for a real home for the last couple of years or more.  It was planted next to where our Irish Setter Megan is buried

Jake gave up trying to get us to throw a toy, and relaxed in the sun.

Luna not so much.  She kept out of the way when the weedeater was going, but otherwise was back and forth.  Checking on us, checking on 'her' sheep, herding a chicken, trying to steal Jake's ball, anything but settling down.  She tried to have a game of soccer in the hay field, but now the sheep aren't grazing it any more, the grass is getting long and the ball is much harder to push around, so that didn't last long.

Thankfully one of the family is mechanically minded.  David replaced a lot of the wiring on the tractor and it is running again.  Larry did some cleaning up of the old manure piles, and made it into one pile.   David will bring manure from the horse farm across the road to add to the pile, and it will be spread on the garden next year.
I've decided that Thursday is going to be garden report day, so here goes. 
The currant bushes in the north field are looking really good, with lots of fruit coming.
The rhubarb I planted there last year looks good too.

The broad beans are about 10 inches high.
The salad greens are really looking like little lettuces now, and the onion sets have sent up some good looking leaves.

More potatoes are showing through.  I raked the hills yet again, and then put some of that sheep fencing around for a little while.  That at least stops the dogs from walking through, as we seem to never remember to shut the gate.
On the other side of the raspberries, all the seeds I planted last week are showing up.  The arugula on the right is really enthusiastic, and the lettuce on the left is also well up.  At the top of the rows, the spinach and carrots are just barely showing, but I have seen a few, and under the plastic the basil is just coming through as well.
Luna seems to keep to the paths in this part.

Happy Earth Day, and I hope you did something appropriate too!
PS  Happy Gotcha Day Jake!

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