Wednesday, April 28, 2010

50 pink Flamingos......

..........may be decorating the front lawn of my younger (and only) sister's house today.  

She was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England fifty years ago.  She travelled across the Atlantic on a ship when she was 3, and then on a train across Canada to Kamloops.  From there we travelled to Williams Lake.  Didn't last long there though.  Too much of a culture shock for my mother, and we ended up in White Rock a few months later.
Of course, as two sisters, we had our share of spats, good times, and everything inbetween.

Here we are still looking like a couple of little english girls

Posing on the beach at White Rock

And practicing her mothering skills with a friend's baby

She was quite the athlete

And excelled at tennis 

We shared our love of animals

And she went from bronc riding at the Cloverdale Rodeo
to getting her own horse

She was a winner in the costume class

and excelled in both English

and Western riding
She dabbled in modelling
As well as in dog training

But no matter how old we got................ I was always taller.

Although these days.............. what matters is who is thinner.

When I had been doing this blog for a while, I asked my sister if she ever looked at it.  She said 'no', not after the first time.  She said she found blogs kind of cheesy, and sort of like bragging.  Then she said that she didn't want to see pictures of my dogs sitting and staying as they were told, and then she said that maybe she was just jealous.  I said well not to bother reading it, just look at the pictures, which she admitted to doing once.

Sooo, I'm not quite sure how she will take this, but I want you to know Cathy, that it was done in fun and with love and to wish you a very happy 50th birthday.

Love and hugs, Karen


  1. Ah, what a nice surprise! I love you too!

  2. Happy Birthday cathy, Karen did a terrific job showing your pictures growing up. Your lucky you have all those pictures, it really shows how successful and full your life was growing up. The pictures also brought back memories of being kids. We sure had lots of fun! Bye for now Judy

    p.s. I had alredy wrote a comment and somehow it got deleted, so it may show up twice.


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