Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who's Been Rolling on My Cat Mint?

This afternoon while I was at the front of the house, again taking my 365 photo, Luna was taking an unusual interest in the cat mint.  I was wondering if the orange tabby that we've seen passing through occasionally, had been rolling on it.

The little wire fence is to keep the cat mint sort of contained once it grows tall, otherwise it flops over everything close by.

Red sky at night, shepherds delight.....

Yep, the forecast is good for tomorrow, and wasn't too bad today after the showers and hail passed by this morning.
We worked on the canopy over our travel trailer this afternoon, and after a few hours work it is all fastened back down and the bent poles are straightened out as best we can.  There wasn't as much damage as we thought, thank goodness.


  1. Red sky at night, Sailor's delight :0) But, I think I like "shepherd." Great photo. Luna...always "busy" like Kilt.

  2. I learned it as Red sky at night , sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailors take warning. I like the shepherds saying better..
    Luna is keeping her nose at work at all times:)

  3. I'd heard the saying said both ways, but I did google it to check.
    Figured since there were more dog people than sailors reading this, I'd go with the shepherd:)

  4. Hi Wyndson. I loved your blog post. I just moved to Quebec City and I have 1 acre. I intend to start gardening this year. Catmint brought me to this page. I was wondering if my dogs would dig if I planted it next to lavender and russian sage. I love the color combination. I don't have cats, but I do see one walking around the area from time to time. I think your BC is different zone than I have in QC. We're zone 4a or 4b I believe. I intend to separate my acre plot into 11 garden areas (zones) for interest.

    Lastly, my husband isn't too keen on the idea and I'm sure with your large area you have no issues, but can you successfully own laying hens in cold areas? I'm not sure of how to find rules that will or won't allow chickens, but I would love fresh eggs. My husband and his father believes that my two dogs would chase and kill them :(

    Thanks for listening and your insight. Great blog!

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I don't think the dogs would bother the catmint, our dogs haven't paid any attention to it, other than something like I posted here, when I think another cat had been around it.

      Yes, our climate zone is definitely different to yours. We are zone 8, it is quite mild in this corner of B.C.

      I think as long as you have a heat source for the hens, they should be okay. We put a heat lamp in our coop if the temperature is below about -5 or so. Depends on the coop, how warm it is or if it's insulated at all. One of ours is not warm at all. Chickens can get frostbite on their combs if it is too cold. Hmmm, I just googled keeping chickens warm in winter, and most seem to suggest they will be fine without heat, and frostbite is a minor issue. Oh well, I feel better giving them a bit of heat in the one coop, as it is drafty in there too, and I don't want them to have to be huddled up all day trying to keep warm. Helps to keep the eggs from freezing too if we don't get out there to collect them until late in the day. Generally though here, the cold is only an issue a few times in the winter and only for a few days at a time.
      Your city bylaws will probably have something about what livestock you can or can't have. Good luck!


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