Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Cathy

It is my sister Cathy's birthday today, the 28th that is.  By the time she reads this, it will be the 29th.  If I had sent her a birthday card, it probably wouldn't have got there until the 29th anyway, if I was lucky, or remembered to mail it soon enough.  In fact it's already the 29th where Cathy lives, so I'm late no matter how you look at it.
Last year was the big Five Oh, so this year she must be, oh, about 29 I think.
So of course I had to drag out the old photo albums and see what I could find to maybe embarrass her a little bit. 
The old photos aren't the best quality, and then they get worse with the scanning and the cropping.

I did find a lonely photo of Cathy's other official dog training stint.  This is Tatoosh, a black lab from hunting lines.  Can't remember if he failed as a hunter, or quite what the story was.  He was going up to a ranch to start a new life, and she was getting him ready for it.

And by the time most people see this, the media will be full of photos of Will and Kate. Cathy can't upstage Kate and her wedding dress, but she can make a fashion statement of her own.
She was about 16 in these shots

Happy Birthday dear sister!


  1. Happy Birthday Cathy! The Roo Family wishes you a very fun day!

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Happy Birthday Cathy! I enjoyed the old fashion photos..they are really cute:)

  3. Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. Oh my goodness, don't even remember those, but that one in the sweat suit looks like it was before my sex change. Could you get rid of those photos now and forever. I am sure your readers have read more than enough about Cathy:-) I don't think my kids are reading your blog right now, thank goodness! Awful, awful photos.
    lots of love PS Thanks for the birthday greetings to all who sent them ;-)

  5. Love these old photos. Happy b-day to your sis!


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