Monday, April 11, 2011

Minimal Monday

Blissful bone chewing

Beautiful daffodil

Bad hair day?

Blue something or others...I'm sure someone will tell me ...Far Side?

Blessed, blasted, dandelions.  The first one!

Blue grape hyacinth


  1. It sure looks like a perfect bone chewin day
    Benny & Lily

  2. I took advantage of the nice weather the past few days to put the dogs outside with bones too. I don't mind them coming in the house once they're mostly clean but when they're fresh, I prefer them to have their chew outside.

    Esp. elk. BOY does elk stink. LOL

  3. Yes that bone looks very enjoyable :-)

  4. I think I will pick up some big bones for the dogs this weekend...time for a teeth cleaning. Any word on Phin?

  5. I left a comment about Phin on the previous post.

  6. Now that's a good start to the week! :D Thanks for the beauty and the smiles :)


  7. Pretty flowers! Blue Scilla I believe..we cannot grow it is a lovely blue color. I saw my first Dandy at the Library coming up in a crack next to the building..then it snowed..:(


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