Monday, April 18, 2011

One Job Checked off the List

I finally got around to pressure washing the greenhouse.  The roof was pretty gross, especially on the north side.  I don't think I did it last year, by the looks of it now.

See that little rooster on the gate. 
Yep, he's heading OUT of the garden back into the field he is supposed to be in.
Every time I find him in the garden I try to scare the bejesus out of him, hoping it will make him think twice about coming back.  So far it isn't working.
The south side of the green house doesn't look quite as bad.

It's awkward to do the roof.  I have to drag the 12' orchard ladder in there.  There isn't really room behind the green house to set it up easily, as the ground is on two levels.  Then I have to get up pretty high because it seems like I have to hit the roof at close to right angles for best results.  
Quite a difference between the clean and the dirty parts!

My faithful dog Luna is standing, well more like sitting by, just in case she can help in any way.
This photo makes me feel dizzy just looking at it.  Yeah, I was standing backwards on the ladder, camera in one hand and sprayer in the other.

If I could figure out how to climb this ladder, I'd be up there to help you.

And the job finally got done.  Here's the nice clean roof over the newly transplanted tomatoes.
It's so bright in there now, it makes a person squint.


  1. Holy! The roof looks new. Good job
    Benny & Lily

  2. Just be glad she hasn't attempted the ladder. My friend and his dad were working on a roof once only to turn around and see their lab standing on the roof behind them. I don't think she put too much thought into how she was going to get back down that ladder.

  3. Luna is a BC of course she could figure out that ladder IF she wanted too!
    The roof is looking sparkley..and those Tomatoes look great should be seen soon:)


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