Thursday, January 6, 2011

Putting it in Perspective

On Tuesday it clouded over, after five lovely days of blue sky.  We were supposed to get snow.  The snow didn't come, we got rain instead.  It started Tuesday night and I don't think it has stopped since.

I can handle the rain, but when the clouds are just about sitting on the ground, and it is just monotonously raining all day and all night long, (well really, I don't actually care if it rains during the night), it can get a bit depressing.

But then tonight, watching the news, seeing and hearing about the flooding in Australia, fatal mud slides in Brazil, the ongoing flooding in Pakistan, it reminds me once again that we really have nothing to complain about.

This afternoon we donned our rain gear yet again, took all three dogs around the mile block, me in my fisherman rain gear and rubber boots, keeping toasty warm.  Stopping like a little kid to get water accumulating along the edge of the road flowing where it should.

Then we left Calli at home and took Jake and Luna for another mile and a half, this time trying to push ourselves a little bit, trying to work off a few of those holiday chocolates. 
Which, really, was all for nought, as I discovered half a box of brandy chocolates that had been put away on top of the fridge.  I ate 10 miles, running, not walking, worth of chocolates.

And because this kind of weather is not conducive to picture taking, all I can offer you are these, taken after our bush run this morning.

Here's to the sunshine coming this weekend!


  1. Soggy doggy days for sure :)

    I meant to ask before... Is that a humongous rock in Calli's mouth? It sure is big whatever it is. Great header photo! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  2. As I wake up to snow still on the hills to a glorious sunny, fairly warm day I wish you the same!

  3. Yes Roo, that is a big rock Calli has in her mouth. Not sure what it is about the rocks. If we are near water, and particularly sand, she will pick one up. She likes to dig in the sand, and drop the rock in the hole she makes. Then she picks it up and starts another hole. She will carry the rock the whole walk if you let her. She doesn't chew on them. She's just weird:)

  4. We didn't have snow on Wed but we did have freezing gloop falling from the sky, accumulating in an inch of slushy puddles on the roads. I walked Hugo's newspaper route with him that day - utterly miserable weather.

    I had some boxes of brandy chocolates too - German ones. Yum. Love alcohol in chocolates. Nobel prize should go to the inventor.....

  5. The blue lettering on the gray is more difficult to read.

  6. Love your header photo..they are really watching you were you waving a steak or one of those turkey legs? I hate the grey days is still cold I am jealous of your dreary rain:)

  7. Lorlee - I'm glad you mentioned it. I just assumed I had wrong glasses on.

  8. Lorlee and Hornblower, thanks for the input. Do you prefer the black? I thought it seemed a bit harsh, that's why I had changed it. What about that brighter blue on some of the other text?
    I just want to keep the customers happy:)

  9. The black text is easier to read, but I preferred the lighter blue background. This feels like dreary winter. But then I love bright colors -- as evidenced by those on my blog...

  10. You're right, the grey was like dreary winter, and exactly how it was around here for the last few days. I've brightened it up for now, but it might change again. I had got tired of the blue, so was looking for something different.
    Glad for the input though!

  11. Noticed the rock too. What a face. Too funny.
    If we waited for the rains to stop around here before we went out we would never go out.


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