Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day in the Snow

It was a real suprise to get up on Sunday morning and see everything covered in snow.
It was gorgeous though.

Waiting for the sun to come up

Sun's, up just hitting the driveway trees

Putting the sheep out.
You want us to go where? There's water in the way, we're sheep, we don't 'do' water...

Oh frick, here's Luna, 
Water, heck no problem, we're on our way....

Winter wonderland

Where little boys/grown men/Sasquatches frolic in the snow

Dogs too:)

Then Jeff called to see if we wanted to meet for a walk, he suggested Sumas Prairie again
There was one doG awful wind blowing, straight from the north pole it seemed.  Some of us tried walking backwards to see if it was any better.
Merdith took over with the picture taking, she was working on her photo of the day.

And eventually Larry looked like he was searching for a bank to rob.

The dogs didn't care about the wind though

And another dog joined in the chase

Jake went to that dog's owners and convinced them that they needed to throw a stick for him

Pippin and Luna found a long stick, that got shorter and shorter the longer they tussled over it

And Jake was just waiting until they dropped it so he could grab it and bring it to one of us

It was much warmer walking back, with the wind at our backs.  

More blueberry fields for Connie

Cottonwoods at the little park were we left our vehicles

And the moon high in the sky just before 5pm back at home

Despite the wicked wind, we had a great walk, and Calli handled this one just fine.


  1. I think there should be more sheep photos. In my opinion. :)

  2. Yeah...let's see Luna working those sheep :0) Luna and Kilt, Kilt and Luna..two peas in a pod.
    Love your snow. Brrrr wind.

  3. beautiful beautiful.
    dogs are beautiful, too!

  4. I enjoyed all your photos and the captions too. It looks like everyone was having a good time - well maybe not the sheep. My favorites are the dogs of course.

  5. Wow, that was a gorgeous day for you! Snow on sunny days is just so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful snowy day..Thanks for the blueberry field view! Sometimes the ordinary is so unordinary for other bloggers! I would have never guessed our Blueberries grow on the forest floor in partly shady patches amongst the Pine trees. Everyone looks like they had a fun walk... Cali too..what a trooper! :)


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