Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's not Wordless Wednesday or Wistful Wednesday; I just couldn't seem to come up with a good title.

This afternoon I was home by myself, and suddenly there was a flash of sunlight, like a whole thirty seconds worth.  Sunlight is something we've been sorely missing just lately.  There was blue sky out there, and I was all excited.  By the time I had finished what I was doing and got out there, well the blue sky was over to the east, and disappearing fast

I thought there might be better light for picture taking today; it was a little better but not good enough.  Doggy action shots were kind of out of the question.

That's okay, Calli wasn't moving too fast anyway.

First stop was to scrounge up the tiny bit of spilled grain from what I fed to the two old lady ewes this morning.  I don't even know how she found it.
You know, you can feed your dog a grain free diet, and if they get a chance, they just gobble the stuff down.

Then she moved across the hayfield, checking the vole holes

Until she found an interesting one

Luna and Jake played some fetch

All the action shots were a bit out of focus, 
but this one was just fun:)
Jake had taken the bunny out with him, unbeknownst to me, and Luna stole it of course.

The hazelnut tree is full of catkins

The pollen is starting to fly, but it doesn't bother me thank goodness.
It would be nice if we got some hazelnuts off it, but the jays and the squirrels seem to get them all before they are properly ripe.

Maybe I'll call it Wishful Wednesday, 'cause I sure wish we'd get a sunny day.


  1. Look at those catkins..very pretty and springlike! Forget the have green grass!
    Cali looks good..Luna made me Border Collie like:)

  2. That first photo of Calli is adorable!

  3. New word for me......catkins. :0)

  4. You can have some of our sun, but not all of it. When the sun comes out here it is COLD. The words Clear and Cold are frozen together. Now it has clouded up and is above zero again and we got more snow. Hum, makes won wonder what to wish for except Spring!


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