Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goofy Jake and Some Bloggy Stuff

A bird in the hand ball near the paw

Is better than two in the bush putting your foot leg in your mouth

An interesting day in Blogland today. Thanks to Connie of Far Side of Fifty, I had three times more visitors to my little blog than usual.  It all came about when she did a post on toasters, and linked to my 'Of Mice, Men and Toasters' post.  Whether any of those visitors ever come back remains to be seen, but if not, it was fun while it lasted.
(To fill in the none blog writers, most of us have some kind of statcounter on our blogs that tells us how many people viewed our blog, at what time, how they got there, etc)

I also had an interesting email conversation with a fellow who is a volcanologist and is with Western Washington University, and he informed me that referring to Mt. Baker in my 'Drive with a View' post as inactive was incorrect.  Seems Mt. Baker is still spewing out lots of gas, it just hasn't been obvious the times I have looked to check. So Mt. Baker is officially slightly active:)  There's lots more info here if you are interested www.mbvrc.wwu.edu

And the snow 'they' had predicted is coming down fast and furious.  Maybe 6" tonight that will turn to rain tomorrow. Yuk.


  1. Well, the toaster story really was quite something. :) It kinda weirded me out a little when I had an unplanned spike in visitors once. Fortunately, everything went back to normal fairly quickly.

    I'm jealous of your snow... but not the rain, you can keep the rain part. :)

  2. When I first started blogging I would put a little pushpin in a map on Google Earth showing me where in the world everyone who visited lived.
    Eventually I had to drop the idea as it took too much time. I see there is a gadget for the sidebar that does that for you but I didn't want it on my blog.

  3. Dear Jake, my JRT, Trouble, sometimes does the same thing :0)

  4. Jake's got some... um... interesting habits... but he's cute, so it's OK!

  5. Cute photos of your handsome Jake! When I thought about my toaster story..naturally I thought about you. I bet Rae will be by often..she loves the Border Collies and perhaps a few others too..who knows.
    I used to look at my stats..I have not paid attention to it for awhile..it is what it is.
    SNOW..how wonderful for you..:)

  6. Darwin shoves his rear paw IN his mouth, nails first. Really far. Then gags & looks very puzzled.

    I SO wish he'd get over his camera fears because he is hilariously silly.

    New visitors are fun!!!

  7. Ryker sometimes chews his leg just like that, huh.

  8. The green makes me think of spring, which will be here before we know it. The daffodils are coming up already.

  9. Of course I came back! I'm also a Caryn and we eat the same weird kind of PB toast sandwiches!

  10. I'm loving the green as well! It's very pretty!


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