Saturday, January 8, 2011

Can Hardly Call it Flooding

Yesterday we got that lovely break in the weather about noon, so I suggested we go down to the dyke.  It was mostly because I had wanted to see how high the water was there.  Well it was flooded, as usually you can barely even see the creek at this point, as it is just a narrow channel over to the left, well down below the banks.  But since no houses and very little property was affected, the flooding really was minor. 
Of course by the time we got there the next system was rolling in.  I don't mind this weather so much though.  The clouds are much higher, there is some variety, it's not so oppressive as the previous two days.

It did eventually rain again, but not for the whole walk.
Towards the end it was clearing again, and the sky was breaking up.

This is the dogs swimming hole.  The water is at least 3 or 4 feet higher than normal, and really moving fast  through there.  See that wave on the left of the pilings?  Normally this is a nice quiet pool with a gravel beach on the right.
Calli and Luna look like they are waiting to see if we are going to stop, but thankfully none of the dogs seemed interested in venturing into the water.

I got frustrated trying to take pictures of the blue patches of sky.  Well either I could get the sky and the landscape was dark, or the landscape was okay and the sky was bleached out.  I suppose it didn't help that I was looking south. 
Can it be done?

So I gave up and just made the trees a silhouette. 

A little towelling off before heading home.

And a bit of a self portrait in the reflection of the truck window. 
Kind of interesting how it turned out, as it is a tinted window, and I certainly didn't look this bright to me when I was taking this photo.
All this picture taking with glass involved just points out to me another window that needs cleaning.
I think that bird poop is on the window, not my jacket.
I end up using the view finder most of the time, and not the back display, because to see the display properly I would need to put on my reading glasses.


  1. Ha! I luv the bird poop photo :D Sure hope it was on the window ;)

    The blue sky patches with the treeline silhouette turned out great!

    Can't believe how much rain you've had. Dang good thing the dogs didn't want to go in the swimmin hole! :O

    Waggin at ya,

  2. I like the silhouette as well. But to try something different you might try tilting the camera down at the trees and holding the shutter button halfway down then tilt the camera back up and fully depress. That way the camera is measuring the light of the trees and not the sky. Are you using a Polarizing filter? They can really add definition and blue to your sky.
    Can you tell I got a Photography book for Christmas and have actually been reading it???
    Wishing you Sunshine!

  3. PS Been meaning to say how much I love your Header Photo!

  4. Ryker has the idea! Go for it someday when the light is not cooperating. What is growing on both side of the looks like an orchard.. too close together for apples..cherries? Thanks for the walk..I enjoyed it! :)

  5. What a purrty walk. The water sure does look a bit higher than it should be. Hope it was fun
    Benny & Lily

  6. Cool idea Ryker. Karen will have to try a fw pics like that and show us the reuslts!

  7. Thanks for the photo hints ladies:)
    Actually, I think that is what I did. I think the problem was that I was shooting right where the sun was just behind the clouds, and because the sun is so low this time of year, and I was looking at the north side of the trees, they were getting no light at all. Kind of like night and day.

    I did take a shot yesterday afternoon where the blue sky and the landscape both turned out okay, but I was shooting east, so there was less difference between the light and dark. Also that 365 one, 'The light at the end of the tunnel' turned out better as well, as I was looking west in that shot.
    Does that sound like a reasonable explanation?
    Sandy, I can't change any lenses on this camera. I think Larry has a polarizing filter with his old Konica, maybe I should try duct taping it on!

    Connie, those are blueberry bushes, if you are referring to the reddish growth.


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