Thursday, September 16, 2010

Falling into Autumn

Even though Fall is almost officially here, there are still quite a few blackberries.  We picked some this morning, we being the dogs and I.


On the way back I stopped to pick zucchini in the orchard garden.  Other than the rabbits doing a number on the peas and beans, that garden has been a roaring success this year.

The regular zucchini are slowing down quite a bit now, but we do have lots of 8-ball zucchini to come

I thought these were yellow zucchini, but I think they might be crookneck squash.  They taste pretty well the same, we had one in a stirfry for supper tonight.

There are lots of spaghetti squash to be harvested eventually
Can you see Luna checking up on Pride in the background?

And buttercup squash too

This is the first year the Fall bearing raspberries have really made a showing.  They don't have a lot of taste though.  Hopefully that is because we haven't had much sun in September

And Luna finds it easier to pick those than the blackberries
See the potatoes behind Luna?

Do you remember me planting those near the end of July?
Look what I found:)

There is one row of dahlia's out there.  They haven't been terribly prolific this summer.  But, there have been lots of other flower vendors at the market, so maybe that is just as well.

There can be quite a variation in colours on one plant.  I love this one.

Another success story.  I had two large plant pots with strawberry plants in them.  They had been stuck in there for a few years, barely surviving because they didn't get fed and rarely watered.  I transplanted them between the currant bushes along the west side, and they have loved it.  Flowers, berries, and lots of runners.  I think they deserve their own row next year

The rhubarb that was transplanted there this spring and last spring loves it too.  Look at the size of it!

And what makes it all possible is the horse manure that we spread out there a few years ago to get the garden started.  This pile, which is the shavings used for bedding with it's manure and urine and wasted hay was dumped here in the spring.

And look.  Already, just a few inches in, it has broken down into 'garden gold'


  1. Your garden is fabulous! We had such poor weather up into July that we never even got ours planted. Hopefully we will have better luck next year. I love the Dahlia photos too.

    Emma Rose and The Duchess

  2. Yes, fabulous garden to match your farm. Lots of work but oh so rewarding!

  3. Oh boy, to drool for, the soi that is in your last photo. Will be liking to see some of those veg at market.

  4. You will:)
    Going to see if I can find enough potatoes to bring to WR on Sunday.
    I don't think the spaghetti squash is ready yet, and not sure about the buttercup squash either.

  5. Oh my....all I grow is drought tolerant roses and foxtails. Love your garden....
    Love Luna stalking the horse. :0)

  6. I really envy your garden. That is my big dream one day, to have one on my own!


  7. Falling in to Autumn... Sadly.

    I love how Luna poses! Next to the veg! You'd think she grew it!

    I walked Ben with the collar on because he'd only just gotten used to it and I didn't want to annoy him by taking it off again. He should be getting rid of it soon, though.

  8. Everything looks so healthy and yummy.
    I used to have a St. Bernard that would come and pick blackberries with me. He would pull back his lips and pluck the juicy berries and would put up with the pain from the prickles. What a picture that would have made.


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