Friday, September 10, 2010

Trial Weekend

Another thing that Pioneer Woman said about being a successful blogger was to post often.  I was going to try post something every day, but I've failed already.  But it's been a really hectic week.

This weekend is our dog club's annual agility trial.  Apparently this is the 20th trial, so we've been around for a while, and we held the first agility trial in Western Canada.

  On Monday morning we got together and dragged all the contact equipment and tunnels out of our storage room and gave them all a scrub and wash.

On Wednesday evening 6 of us got together and wrapped all the raffle prizes.  Our club always has a great raffle table, with up to 60 different prizes offered each day.

Last night 7 of us got together and had a 'paper party'.  That involves printing out all the paper work, organizing the scribe sheets, and glueing the gates lists onto the big gate sheets.  I was the last one to arrive, and didn't have a whole lot to do, but they were glad to see me anyway, as I had offered to bring some supper.

Today we arrived at our building at 1pm and got the rings all set up.  The first dog started at 5:30, and we were done about 8.

I'm happy to say that Jake had two nice clean runs, yay!

Larry and Luna had a couple of really nice runs.  In the first one Larry didn't realize that he had missed a small segment of the course.  Unfortunately the judge did though, so he got eliminated.  What he did do was clean, and Luna nailed the weave poles first attempt.  That is the first time Larry and Luna have succeeded like that on the weave poles in a trial.
The second run was clean, except that Larry knocked a jump over, not Luna.  He was too close to it, and when he turned, he caught it with the side of his leg, and down it came.  I was watching and thought Luna had brought it down.  And they had another successful set of weave poles.  Things are really coming along well for them.

Tomorrow we'll be up about 6 and heading back to the trial.  No Saturday market for us this weekend, but we have to go to the Sunday one, as there are things that won't wait another week.  It'll be a hectic weekend as well as a hectic week.

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