Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great Deck Project

Actually, according to the BC building code, it is officially a balcony, as a deck is over an enclosed space, and ours isn't.  Anyway, deck or balcony, let's just call it a mess.

When we added on to our house, which we did almost all ourselves, we built this deck.  We covered it with one of those paint on rubberized coatings.  Looked lovely to start, but for whatever reason (most likely the plywood wasn't dry enough), it wasn't long before it started to fail.  When Calli was a puppy 10 years ago, I remember her finding an edge and pulling some of the coating off.  We didn't do anything to repair it, and now look at it.  Almost all the coating is gone, and yes, I'm embarrassed to say, that is a big hole. 

Not sure about Larry, but it was on my 'to do', or more like ' to get done by Larry' list, since I was busy doing other things.  And I'll have you know, at any other time, I would have been right in there too. 

The first step was to remove the 'junk' that had accumulated.  That included some drywall under tarps from the stalled bathroom project, as well as an old barbeque that hadn't been used for a few years (we are really not the barbequeing types).  Since the stuff hadn't moved for a while, the wasps had nested under the tarp, under the barbeque cover, and behind the corner post.  Larry got stung three times, he was not a happy camper   deconstruction worker. 

The next step was to remove all the handrails.  Larry was impressed with the fancy angles that had been cut into the posts to hold the railings, as some of the corners were not 90 degree angles.  I informed him that it was me that cut those, and weren't they good!

All the crashing and banging, hammers hitting crowbars and cat's paws (the tool, not the actual cat), was too much for Luna.  She wanted in, and she went to the far end of the house, as far away as she could get, and laid on some scrap fabric in my sewing room.  This is a dog that is not scared of thunder, the vacuum, the hose, the lawnmower, the rototiller, and tries to herd a horse that weighs 25 times as much as her, but she turns into a wimp when there is banging. 

  Jake, who I think of as being wimpy, wasn't bothered at all, and just laid snoozing on the driveway.

That $2 dutch hoe I bought at a garage sale turned out to be the ideal tool for prising off the flashing.

Then the rotten plywood started to come off.

Yesterday Larry bought new plywood and some other lumber.
He beefed up the supports at one end of the deck.

Ya know, in case one day we decide to stick this little beauty at that end:)
Better to be prepared!

And tonight, the new plywood is stacked up there, and everything is covered with a tarp, because our forecast is rain in some form or another into next week.


  1. Good luck with fixing your deck - sounds like hard work!

  2. Looks like the deck will be beautiful when it's done!
    Have you decided what you will use for a surface when it's done? I got some really cool textured "deck resurfacer" stuff at Home Depot that I used to surface my new grooming tables with, but it was such a pain to work with I'm not sure I would ever want to use it on a full deck.

  3. Oh boy, I will make sure I look out the back door and oooh and aaah over all that work that has been done.
    No pressure, but Sumday morning before the market, I want to sit out there on the deck with my coffee:-)

  4. The deck looks like it is going to be lovely when it is done.

    Love your comment, it's truly a small world, and I am thrilled to find more and more bloggers in my area. Every now and then someone else pops up. I did leave you a comment a few months ago, found you also on Far Sides blog. Small world.

    I haven't been to the WR market this year, just so many other things going on. But my husband drops by occasionally, and loves it.

    The weather has been anything less then stellar for the vendors. And my heart goes out to all of you each Sunday morning that it rains, no it doesn't seem to rain, it pours.

    Best of luck at the market, and if it ever stops raining, and my camera can come visit I will try to say hello.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Lioness-I think we are going to go with the glue down vinyl sheeting, but not the thinnest stuff, rather the next thickness up,

    Cathy-On a Sunday morning, there is a very good chance it might be raining, or at least cool and cloudy, and no, you won't be sipping coffee, you'll be picking some vegetables !! They have great coffee at the market, personally made by your own niece, and I'll buy you a cup there:)

    Jen-Sorry I somehow missed your previous comment. Nice to 'meet' you:)

    You are right about weather on Sunday mornings. We have had one 'hot' Sunday at the market this year, and last Sunday of course was the worst. Hopefully this Sunday won't be quite as bad. Fingers crossed!

  6. That looks like it will be a wonderful place to sit after you are all done. The view is lovely.
    I hope the rain stops long enough to get it finished :)

    Emma Rose

  7. Oye!! the better get out ther are start snoopervising..forget that rain
    benny & Lily

  8. Oh My, it is going to be lovely. Great spot for a cup of tea or in my case a tasty bone!


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