Friday, September 3, 2010

Dahlia Delight

After reading other blogs and seeing pictures of their dahlias, I thought I should take some pictures of my own, especially of the ones that I bought this spring, that had actually come with a name attached.  I diligently wrote out labels for them and stuck them in next to the dahlia tuber when I planted them.  Obviously the pen wasn't as permanent as it stated, as the labels are now just blank.  So I am trying to match the dahlias up with the sheet I got with them, which also has pictures of dahlias on it that I didn't order.  Some of them are pretty obvious, like this one, called Taiheiyo.  Not sure why I got it, as I use the dahlias to put in the flower bouquets, and this is one of those dinner plate sized ones, which is just about a bouquet on it's own.

Then there is this one, which doesn't match any of the dahlias on the sheet, never mind the one's I ordered.

Or this one

This one and the one below it are two that I bought at my favourite nursery when they were clearing out their potted dahlias.

On Monday Larry and I stopped in at Ferncliff Gardens, a dahlia lovers paradise on the east side of Mission. 

It was a lovely spot, and a great view of the Westminster Abbey.  We'll have to take a field trip there one day.

At the gardens they give you a clipboard and catalogue and you can wander around the display garden and check off the dahlias you like.
Larry was my 'check off' guy.


They also grow peonies, which is what that dead looking foliage is in the field below

And here's a few of the dahlias that we liked.

April Heather

Ferncliff Showoff

Ferncliff Lemon Kiss

Oreti Lass

Mingus Tony

This one was so intense, and against it's dark green foliage...striking!

Ferncliff Lemon Kiss

Worton Blue Streak

And the one with the best name.....although it really doesn't sound appealing.

Dog's Breakfast!


  1. Oh, how I love Dahlias! If not for the fact I'd have to dig them up every year, I'd have the darn things everywhere. The whole having to dig them up for winter spells their doom around here, though.

  2. I planted several dahlias this spring & not a single one came up

    I haven't poked around in the beds to see if they rotted or were kidnapped by my friendly neighbourhood rodents. I'm bummed because I really like dahlias. If only they had a strong fragrance, they'd be perfect.... :-)

  3. Wholey cow, those Dahlias are increadable. Mom grew some this year and really liked them so I expect we will have more next year.

  4. Your dahlia's are lovely! The colours are so eye catching. I think the two that you have unnamed might be Karma varieties. In the case of the red/white, it may be Yin Yang and the pink/yellow could be Corona. Gorgeous regardless!


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