Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, ......

It poured rain all Saturday night, and when the alarm went at 5am, it was pitch black and the rain was still coming down steadily, and it was next to impossible to drag myself out of bed to make up the flower bouquets that I should have done the night before.  Eventually I had to get up, and I reset the alarm for 6 for Larry.  

The bouquets got done, and then we were both in full rain gear, Larry dealing with the animals before we left, and me picking the last of the veggies for the market.  We decided to leave the dogs at home since it was so miserable.  By the time we left home it was just after 8, which was really late, but I just didn't care.  At least we were going to show up, as I knew there would be a number of vendors that would just cancel out on a day like that.  I figured that customers wouldn't be rushing for the start of the market, but we did have a lineup of 2:), wanting to be the lucky ones to get some of the broccoli.

I left Larry to handle the crowds (wishful thinking on that one) on his own about at 10:45 and raced home, got all the dogs out for a pee, and then headed back into Abbotsford with Jake and Luna.  Jake's gamblers class was running when I got there, in fact they were calling for him.  I got him moved to the end and raced to get the rain gear and boots off, asked someone else what route they were taking in the class, watched them do their run, and then we were in.  It went fairly well, but we didn't get the final gamble.  Just some bad handling on my part.

Almost right away I had to walk the advanced gamblers course, and Luna was in pretty quick.   There was a set of 12 weave poles in the corner as a 10 point mini gamble, which I was sure I could get Luna to do.  No such luck.  The little brat couldn't get the entry, kept going around the first TWO poles before starting to weave.  After about 6 attempts and a lot of time wasted we raced off.  One thing, she is fast.  We got to the other side of the course where there was another mini gamble, taking the A-frame on the way.  

 *It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Luna*  
She roared up the A-frame, became airborne and didn't touch the down side at all.  She came down flat, and landed on all four feet like a cat, out past the bottom of the A-frame.  Didn't seem to phase her, and I sent her back over it correctly, twice, to get the points.  She did get the other mini-gamble once, and then we ran out of time halfway through the second attempt.  The buzzer went, I sent her into the final gamble, and she did a lovely job getting that.  One more Advanced gamble Q to get, and then she will be into Masters gamblers.  A bit scary, that....

Jake had a nice Snooker and Jumpers run, and Q'd in both.  Luna had a jumpers run, which went nicely, with the fastest time of the whole class, but had one bar down, so no Q.

By the time Larry arrived, the trial was just about over, but he was able to film my last Jumpers run.  It was pretty nice, not blazing fast, and a couple of tunnel entrances that could have been tightened up.  There were quite a few dogs that turned too soon into that first tunnel and ran into the side of it, so I was making sure that wasn't going to happen.  Not a lot of clean runs in that class.

Larry said his memory of the trial is the first part of  his gamblers run.  He had set Luna up behind the start line to go through the tire, while he went behind the gamble line.  He got to where he was looking at her through the tire.  He said she sort of cocked her head a bit as she was looking at him, almost liked she smiled at him he said, and then she ran right under the tire:( 

Here's a few more runs from the weekend, starting with that Gamblers run

Then of course we had to all the cleanup, but it went pretty well, and by 5:30 we were out of there and heading home.  A successful weekend, which felt really good after our disappointing Nationals results.

And last night we were back in the building to do registration for lessons, have some equipment out for drop ins, etc.  We took the dogs and just did a few jumpers courses.  We tried to practice Luna with the tire, but every time we went anywhere near it she was *whee, look at me, I love the tire* as she jumped back and forth through it on her own.  Kind of hard to practice on her not running under the tire when she does anything but.


  1. LOL about Luna & the tire!

    Times like that you just have to wonder if they're secretly - or not so secretly - laughing at all of us.

  2. We loved the second video. What fun to watch! The first video will not play for us. It says "This video contains content from INgrooves who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." We're in the USA. Don't know what that's all about, but at least we got to see the 2nd one. :)

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  3. I miss agility. Love Luna! Why jump the tire when you can run right under it?

  4. Those are some moves ya got there on that second video. What a pro. Lily tried that agility stuff. She was terrified nutty! Rest time
    Benny & Lily

  5. I changed the music on the first video, so hopefully now it is viewable by my american followers.

  6. Whow, bloody impressive! Ok, about 10 days to go, and I would like to see a bit more of a weight gain. You know how you love chocolate:-)

  7. Oh kids, they are all alike. Just when you say that little Johnny is good at something or that they always do something they make a liar out of you by doing the opposite Lol.
    I have to admit I was laughing at the whole thing while rooting for her too.


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