Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogging Advice from a Pioneer!

Many of you regular bloggers are probably familiar with Pioneer Woman.  Today she gave some advice for bloggers, you can read it here.  I'm going to try and follow that advice. 
The first pointer was to be yourself.  Then she elaborated and said to write like you are talking to your sister.  So I will, or will try at least.  And like when I talk to my sister, I like to have the last word...

And speaking of sisters, my one and only, younger than me (although I never, ever think of her as my little sister, even though she is shorter than me too) is coming for a visit in a few weeks.  Sweet!  It's been two years since we saw each other.
Well actually she will be spending most of her time visiting our mother, but hopefully we'll get some sisterly bonding in there too.  You know, while we whip through the racks in the thrift store, hoping to find that fantastic find before the other one does.
Damn, she beat me too it I'll be thinking when I spot some gem in her basket. 

I told her that I was going to try and lose 20 lbs before she got here, and she said she was hoping I'd gain 10 lbs.  Yep, there's always that eyeing each other up so see if the other sister is up or down in weight since you last saw them.

And then there's the 'projects' around here that have been ongoing, or more like on the back burner, what seems like forever.  I'd love to have them all done, but I am realistic, and am just hoping that the current project of replacing the deck will be done before she gets here.
Oh, and we'd better dig out the spare bedroom, as my sister is spending the first night at our place.  There's a family joke around here about horizontal surfaces and how they are just crying out to be covered in 'things'.  So the only room that could qualify as the guest bedroom is kind of a store room.  The parts of the shower waiting to be used in the 'on the back burner' bathroom renovation are in there.  The recycling is in there, the pile waiting to be dropped off at the thrift store is on the bed.  Jammed between the bed and the chest of drawers is another bed, on edge.
Hopefully it will all look lovely by the time she arrives.  If all else fails she can share the futon with Luna!

And Luna said   pffffft! to that idea.

And yes, that IS a hole in the corner of the pillow right above her head, and it WAS Luna that did it, so I think she has lost all rights to an opinion in the matter of futon sharing.


  1. Ahh Luna, I love a candid shot, tongue and all!

  2. OK,the futon would be just fine. Leave the storage in the small bedroom. I am sure Luna will be sticking closer to you guys during the night, so I will have it to myself. Look forward to seeing you soon!
    I think those blue coats were sewn weren't they, imagine.

  3. Gotta Love Sisters! Luna you are just way to cute!

  4. What an adorable photo of you guys!

    Pioneer Woman lost me - as if she cares LOL - as a reader ages ago over what I think is unnecessary gore & pain when it comes to separating boy cows from their testicles. Not only do they not do humane castration at her place, she seems to revel in the gore of it. Blech. Actually, that whole ranch smacks of ICK to me, esp compared to the ranching styles of places like

    I kind of liked Ree's voice but it all got to be too much..... & so, off with her head in my RSS reader :-)

  5. I haven't seen that PW post. I read her blog, most of it I enjoy, some not so much. What floors me are the hundreds of people tripping over themselves to get their comments on there:)
    But, I have to give credit to someone who has made quite a business for herself out of a blog.

    I checked out Big Bear Ranch, yep, that's the way to raise your animals, but I wonder how they castrate their calves? Will have to look and see if there are any regulations in the organic associations.

    Do you read Throwback at Trapper Creek on my blogroll?

  6. You do know that she was capital R rich way before the blog got successful? I kinda 'knew' about her because she used to be active on some homeschool boards. There's big money behind that blog & I know some people think that she got successful because of the blog - but it's the other way around. The blog got big because she's already successful. I think there was plenty of $ chucked at the whole enterprise...... They're huge land owners.....

    Which is not to take away at all from her unique voice, and her stories and humor etc. She's got all that in spades. :-)

    She has cooked 'calf nuts' several times already & about a year or so ago there was a long photo essay of one of her dd's with the big snippers doing the deed on a little boy calf & I almost barfed all over my screen.....

    Thx for the recommendation!

  7. hornblower, thanks for the heads-up! I did some googling, and found a whole other side to the PW story, very interesting.
    At least when I read her blog now, I'll have my eyes wide open.
    I found this pretty interesting


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