Thursday, September 23, 2010

Caught in the Act

The Bartlett pear tree fence was successful in the fact that it kept the dogs from gorging on pears.  What happened though that it was also too good at keeping us out.  Well we didn't make the effort to go in there and keep the pears cleaned up, and we really should have got them all picked off the tree.  Unfortunately we wasted quite a lot.  Not totally wasted, as they went to the chickens and the sheep, and the dogs got the occasional one, but if we had been more organized we could have sold lots more at the market.  I did get enough peeled and in the freezer for quite a few batches of ginger pear jam.

Every once in a while we would see one of the dogs circling the fence, and there would be the odd little hole dug as they tried to get at the pears teasing them right on the other side of the wire.  This was Luna this morning, taken through the kitchen window

I don't hear anyone

Maybe I can get this one before they notice

Got it!

Here are the pears from the Comice tree, they got picked on Tuesday (thanks Meredith).  And that's only half of them.  I'll get some of them bagged up for the markets this weekend.


  1. It appears that she loves your pears! Cute photos! :)

  2. I get a real kick out of fruit eating dogs. Going for that sugar rush, I guess LOL.

    Darwin is my fruit eater - he likes to eat the plums that fall from the tree & will eat blackberries from the vines. Daisy does not really care for fruit though she'll eat the blueberries I put in her raw meals once a month or so.... She loves bread products though. I always laugh when I think about the wonderful grain free raw meat diet I give my dogs.... and what they really want is either fruit or a piece of toast. :-)

  3. Hi Karen, Back again to answer your question. I believe that Spaghetti Squash should be allowed to ripen on the vine and become a nice yellow color and very firm..I always cut mine in half, remove the seeds and then cover with foil and bake face down about an hour at 350 degrees F or so. I just serve it with a bit..well alot of butter.. not everyone appreciates the nutty flavor like I do..and Chance loves it too! I have not had any that were watery until I froze some of the flesh in a baggie then it was watery. ( I just poured the water out! ) I would think that they would sell like hot cakes at your market..they are good keepers if you have a cool place to store them. This is the first year I have grown them from seed..and I need to start them much earlier next year:)

  4. Oh yum, Comice Pears are the best! I love most fruits, esp. melons. Not a big fan of strawberries for some reason.

  5. Gotta love Luna...all of our dogs are nuts for fruit and "ice cream."


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