Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Would You Like That a la mode?

I'm sure if the dogs could, they would say yes.
I haven't had much luck getting them to catch their own meat, but they are quite happy to forage for their own dessert fruit.

Our pear tree, which is in the middle of the back lawn, is quite heavily laden with pears this year.  The branches are touching the ground, and there are windfall pears all over the place.
Luna has just finished one off here.
(She has just finished it off because when I noticed her I had to run down the family room stairs to get the camera, and then back up, and then try get a photo without her noticing me, and by that time the pear was done)

But there are lots more where those came from.  Time to cruise for another one.
Can you see her under the tree?

Their....umm...poops, which were pretty small since they eat raw food, had become great landmines once again.  You know, all that fibre and bulk, well what goes in, must come out, and since there were multiple pears going in, well.....

So Larry said enough was enough, and he brought out the big guns roll of fencing .

Nothing can get in or out now.  Calli looked longingly at that tree as she walked past after supper tonight.
No more pears for you, a la mode or not.


  1. Oh my! A poop fence! We have a pear tree too but I didn't know they were tasty :) Thanks for the info, I shall go give them a bite!

    Emma Rose

  2. I've got five fruit eaters with the Lab being the greediest. :0)

  3. That's a lab for you:)
    Since Calli prefers to lay inside on her mat in the basement rather than hang around outside most of the day, thankfully she doesn't eat as many as she could. And since she doesn't really have any bowel control, well we don't need all that extra food going down:(

  4. Too funny! A pup in a pear tree :)

    I like pears too :) I guess it's a good thing we don't have a tree,

  5. Gotta Love Pears. Hopefully you did't eat to many to give you a belly ache. Sorry that you have fence blocking them now. Bailey loves to eat the apples from the apple tree very cute.

  6. We've only got blackberries and we don't eat them - we leave 'em for the deer. We prefer our fruit cut up in tiny bite size pieces and mixed in with our food :)
    The Road Dogs


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