Monday, December 13, 2010

Mild Monday

We live in Canada, and depending on who you talk to,  we must live in igloos, have a dog sled, and spend much of the year bundled up in fur.  
Right now quite a bit of North America and Europe is covered in snow.  Not this part of Canada though.  We are actually having above normal temperatures, and lots of rain.  But today, there was a bit of sunshine, some blue skies, and good gardening weather.

Larry got a start on on pruning the apple tree.  The leaves on the tree were still green a few weeks ago when we got our cold snap.  Now they are brown and dead looking, but refuse to let go.
Jake hung around with Larry, who occasionally obliged him by throwing the ball.

This was my project, the flower bed at the front of the house.

The Siberian iris was a mess

Luna kept me company. 
Just what is she staring at?

But since I didn't seem to want to oblige her, she just turned away in disgust

This is really boring

A girl might just as well take a nap

I got out one of my favourite weeding tools

And pulled out the weeds, wrenched out a lot of the excess Sweet Woodruff and Forget-Me-Nots, and cut the Iris,  Daylily, Catmint and Aster back to the ground.  It doesn't look pretty, but it's a lot tidier.  I want to spread some of the rotted horse manure on it.

It's hard to remember that it can look something like this in the summer.
Maybe one year we'll actually get the trim finished off around the front door.

And since we are talking about weather....
I thought I'd check the weather forecast for my sister.
What the......?

Seems the government weather site is getting creative with their symbols.
A border collie is now the symbol for 'A mix of sun and cloud'

I checked a few random places, and it happens in B.C. too.

How weird is that?

Update : Okay, is there some weird virus that puts border collies in as a mix of sun and cloud?
I checked Meredith's laptop Tuesday morning, and she doesn't have it, but I still do.
Apparently we are having a border collie day this coming Friday.


  1. I'm thinking Border Collie weather sounds pretty good right about now. There's a reason they call Wisconsin the frozen tundra. It's 1°F right now according to Firefox.

  2. Hey, I want a Border Collie on my 7 day forecasts too! That is weird, but I love it.

  3. Seems the border collies might be unique to my computer. Ideas anyone?

  4. Your place looks like a wonderful place to live. I enjoyed all your photos.

  5. I love BC weather... that BC looks strangely like Jake.

    Funny what a few months will do to a garden. Nice clean up job. I will have to do mine in the spring. I hate the fall clean up but am recharged and excited in the spring to see what is coming up under all that mess.

  6. A Border Collie it is. A little black. A little white. And can herd up either dark or white clouds!!!

  7. It sure looks like it is purrty cold. What did momma do to the garden? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Strange about the Border Collies photos..I have never seen it before. Your front garden looks really pretty in the summer..but it is still looking green there now..and doesn't look cold at all:)

  9. I had to go back & read this entry.

    Oh that is weird! I think maybe you had a gif saved in your browser temp file which had the same name. If I'm looking at the right one, the sun & cloud one is 05.gif

    I'm guessing your border collie avatar pic is also called 05.gif

    Your computer guessed which one to use. Clearing your cache, deleting temp files & hx, & reloading the page wd fix it.

    But I think we should have dog forecasts.

    Black labs for rain.
    Siberian huskies for snow.
    Apricot poodles for sun? Or maybe a buff cocker?


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