Saturday, December 18, 2010

I've got that retching feeling.....

..sung to the tune of  You've Lost that Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers.  That tune is stuck in my head, in the process of coming up with a title for this post.

This started the other day when I commented on another blog that I read regularly.  You can read that here, when I talked about racing to the door when a dog starts that retching sound in in the middle of the night. Multiple dog owners can relate.  You are desperately trying to get the retching dog outside before the vomit hits the floor.  So as you are racing to the door, encouraging the retching dog to get there as fast as possible, the other dog(s) think something wildly exciting is happening, so are barking and racing around and generally getting in the way.  Quite often the result of this is that you get to the door, but before you can get the door open and the dogs through it, which usually involves having the dogs back up a bit so you actually have room to open it, the retching dog lets everything fly right onto the door mat.

 Notice how I had said it rarely happens, but I think I jinxed myself.  So that same afternoon, just before dark, we are walking around the block and Luna goes into the ditch, and proceeds to upchuck her cookies.  It was not just once, but four times.  I'm thinking, well at least she's done it now, and not in the middle of the night.  I wondered what caused it, but then she and Jake had spent a long time in the hayfield that morning, seeming to be hunting, so thought maybe it was something to do with that.  Other than that minute or two spent in the ditch, she seemed totally normal.   She ate her usual supper, was her usual crazy self.  Well I'm sure you can see where this is going.  So at some ungodly hour I wake up to that retching sound.  By the time I 'leap' out of bed she has deposited a pool on the floor at the end of the bed, and then she seemed to be over it.  I put her outside for a bit, turn on the hallway light and clean it up, leave the bedroom door open and go back to sleep.  About 6 in the morning I am woken again by that horrible sound coming from the other end of the house, and of course by the time I get there, it is too late.  There is a trail all the way down the stairs to the door.  I let Luna out, clean up the mess, and let her back in. Before going back to bed I quickly flip the bedroom light on to check that I hadn't missed any puddles on the floor by the end of the bed from the first episode.  When it was light and I was getting up for the last time, as I swung my legs over the side of the bed, I just about put them in this huge brown pool that was almost under the bed.  Gross!  I think that was from her first episode and I was so thankful that I had managed to miss stepping in it, both getting in and out of bed.  It didn't even stink.
Anyway, poor Luna got a very small breakfast of plain chicken, and seemed to keep everything down after that. Larry had slept through it all, even me turning on the bedroom light, and the first he knew of it was when I told him all the details.  Men!

And I have to wonder, do I have nothing better to blog about than this?


  1. I have a cat with IBS, my second cat with IBS...I know that feeling well.

    I will prob. be doing a post about the possible cause of the marked increase in allergies, IBS, and other aliments in pets.

  2. Pet owners can certainly relate.. especially if they have had multiple pets..
    I hope Luna is better..some dogs get pretty distressed with the retching.
    I don't mind the retching..well not as the hershey squirts:)

  3. I'm sorry that it wasn't just a bad dream BOL! Ooo can't help myself. Can see your face as you step into the goo Hee Hee oh my it really isn't funny :O :D

    Hopin you don't hear that retchin sound again any time soon,

    PeeS: Wags to Luna. Hope her tum tum feels okay real quick!

  4. Luna was just fine after the overnight episodes, and no hershey squirts, thank goodness:) Actually all of them have pretty hardy digestive systems.


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