Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Eggs Delivered Right to the Door

Remember that hen that had the two chicks in the summer?  Now that her kids are all grown up, she is laying eggs again.  After laying them in various places, except the chicken coop, she is now laying them right next to the door we go in and out of most of the time.  This is the door from the garage, and we go through that to head outside after getting our boots and coats on in the utility room.  This is under the back deck, just back of the retaining wall, about waist height.  That is the foundation wall behind her.  What would possess her to lay in that gravel spot....well who knows what goes on in the mind of a hen.  So each morning after the coop door is opened, she heads over to the house

And leaves us this

So yesterday morning I wanted to get a Christmas picture to send to our egg customers.  This hen is fairly tame, and you can usually get hold of her and pick her up.
As she was leaving the nest I put one of the dog's Christmas collars over her head.  Those are handy things.  I also used them on Saturday on my arms, to make fancy Christmas cuffs to go with the red sweater I was wearing at my last farmers market of the year.

The hen didn't seem to mind. 
 We did get a sprinkle of snow the evening before.

Then I got Luna in on the act.  She was more than willing to oblige, and seemed to find the hen extra fascinating because she was dressed up.


  1. FABULOUS....I laughed so at seeing Luna and the little red hen all dressed up for Christmas.

  2. Ahhh, this is so neat Karen. Adorable photos. Loads of Christmasy character.
    That hen if I can anthropomorphize for a moment sure loves its mistress to bring her an egg every day

  3. What a wonderfully cute post. Luna and the hen are just too cute!!!
    And I love that the hen leaves you eggs right by the door.
    This post made my day!

  4. Love the card..a one of a kind! Fresh eggs at the door..and brown ones too..the really good tasting ones:)


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