Friday, July 31, 2015

Eating at Home

Here's a list of homegrown things I ate today.  Eggs, chard, collards, tomatoes, zucchini, beets, potatoes, carrots, chives, cauliflower, broccoli, beans,  raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and figs.  Pretty impressive when you list it all like that.  

Breakfast was fried eggs with gently (sounds like something they would put on a menu) sauteed zucchini and a salad of chard, collards and tomatoes sprinkled with sliced almonds, with half a fig on the side. (Thanks Larry!)  Speaking of Larry, he had another checkup on his eye, things are coming along just fine the doctor says.  He is back to doing most, but not quite all,  of what he would normally do.

The same salad for lunch with pickled beets and a can of tuna mixed with homemade mayonnaise, chives and grated carrot.  Raw chard and collards fill in pretty well for lettuce when the lettuce is all bolting and tasting bitter.

Supper was left over pork chops with roasted vegetables, which is where the potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli come in, as well as the first of our beans.   

I got in a good couple of hours of weeding and seeding in the garden today, until it got too hot. While I was out there I ate a few of the last raspberries and blueberries, and maybe another fig or two.  I FINALLY got something planted in the spot where I dug the garlic out three weeks ago.  Just another one of those jobs that aren't hard, it's just the getting started that is.  Now I need to get the garlic sorted out and cleaned up and ready to take to the market.

We walked the dogs around the block a little bit earlier tonight, and saw two bucks disappear into the trees along the way.  I was hoping for a picture, but no such luck.

After the walk and just before dark I managed to managed to get a bucket of blackberries picked, the last part probably more by feel than anything.  Of course quite a few of those didn't make it into the bucket.

I forgot to pick the zucchini yesterday, so of course today the eight that I picked were bigger than I would have preferred.  The zucchini plants are starting to take over some of the potato plants, so I dug up those so they wouldn't get so overgrown that I'd forget about them.

I was about to start some jam this afternoon, but then didn't because I had to leave to meet someone earlier than I had planned, and while I was out bought a few other fruits and veggies.  Larry had reminded me to get a box of cheap apples for the sheep.  She gets one morning and night, and is sure to let you know that she hasn't got it yet, and what. is. taking. so. long.?  Well there were none of the cheap apples to be had, but I had an idea.  On the way home I took a different route past a couple of apple trees that are along side the road.  Luckily they were ripe and there were lots on the ground.  I managed to scrounge up 10 or 15 pounds of ones that weren't half rotten and put them on the floorboards of the car.  All the while trying to look very nonchalant and was really hoping that people using the post office, library and credit union across the way didn't notice me poking around in the long grass at the side of the road.

It's supposed to drop a degree a day over the weekend, thank goodness, which is a long weekend for us.  BC Day here on Monday.  Is it a long weekend for you?


  1. It's no wonder you get so much work eat such healthy food! Your vegetables are beautiful. Puts my teeny tiny stuff from the garden to shame. :) Don't you feel like everybody is watching when you do something like picking up those apples. Glad you had the nerve to stop there. At least those on the ground were put to good use. I always enjoy your posts!

  2. I'm with Henny Penny.... you definitely eat healthier than anyone I know. I feel I've done well to get maybe 6 of the recommended 10 servings a day. I can just imagine you casually picking the wild apples and hoping no one was noticing. The thing is, no one would pick them anyway. There's an apple tree that I pass every morning on my walk and every year it is simply loaded with fruit that no one picks. It falls on the ground and rats gnaw away on it. I've asked ( when I saw someone out in that yard) but they don't want anyone else picking it either. I cannot understand the mentality at all. Such a waste.

  3. Your menu sounds wonderful! Even though I have never tasted chard, collards or figs. I cannot understand why people don't pick up fruit from the ground and give it away...sure the birds need some but that is alot of fruit that is wasted. Just think of the people that could be fed! :)

  4. Oh I am so glad you found me from somewhere. LOL. That happens to me too. I love your blog. I am glad you decided to keep it up. Your dogs looks so sweet. I smiled when I read about the blackberries. They are my favorite. My grandfather had a patch.
    Then many years later on the first horse pasture we leased the back north 40 was covered in blackberries. We always had to try and get to the before the horses. At the first sign of purple faces we'd rush and try to get a few! Thanks for bringing back that sweet memory!
    Thanks for visiting. I'd love your to come back by. I tried to follow but your button isn't working. Mines been doing that too off and on. I'll be back.

  5. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  6. Nice website! ...especially your photography... came across your site while lurking at the cold antler farm disaster! glad I came over. I'm a farmer in the Midwest USA, and always appreciate homegrown products and those that work at them.
    By the way, people that have been "burned" by Jenna W on cold antler farm have decided you are a hero of sorts for politely voicing your opinion on her site...if you are interested:

    I've been used by her in the past, not nearly as badly as many folks...interesting to see a person beg from strangers for even a small amount of money!!

    Anyway, I would like to visit again...

    Midwest Cowgirl

    1. Glad to have you visit! I'm very familiar with Meredith's blog:) Swore I wasn't going to comment any more, but I was so riled up by J's post re Ginger. I had written a much longer reply, almost sent it, sat on it for a while, and decided to just make it short and to the point. Still fuming! There's no way I could win a war of words with J, so I didn't even want to try. She would make an excellent politician. Many of them are liars and make all sorts of promises, she would fit right in, Oh, and the pay isn't bad either!

    2. I feel pretty much the same. I still read Meredith's blog, but totally restrain myself and don't comment -- someone usually posts exactly what I'm thinking anyway!

      Anyway, enjoy the day....the weather here is slightly cloudy, but birds are singing up a chorale and I'm leaving soon to look at a potential new horse!!!

      Midwest Cowgirl


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