Friday, July 24, 2015

The Sky is Falling!

I'm sure that is what this recently fledged Robin must have been thinking today.  It pretty well rained all day, hooray! Not really heavy, but I think this time we finally got enough rain to do a bit of good.  I'll know for sure tomorrow when I walk out somewhere that has never been watered and scrape the ground with my foot and see how far the water penetrated.
 I was on my way out to the shop to get some fruit out of one of the freezers there, and in my boots and sheltering under an umbrella, took a side trip through the vegetable garden.  As I was getting close to the greenhouse an adult Robin flew off, and then there in front of the greenhouse, perched on the edge of a tub was this poor bedraggled little creature.  It really looked kind of sad, and wasn't scared of me at all.  

I gently scooped it up and placed it in the doorway of the greenhouse a couple of feet away, where at least it was out of the rain.  It squawked a bit....

.....and mother Robin flew back into the garden and swore at me from the fence post first, and then closer from the top of a shovel handle.   Can you see the rain coming down in the background?  No doubt it is the same fledgling I carried from the middle of the driveway a couple of days ago.

I got the fruit with the intentions of making some jam, but a few minutes later, the power went out, of all things.  Now I really had a good excuse for not making jam!  But, I couldn't escape the fruit totally.  Larry had come back from Oliver Thursday evening, and had brought 50 lbs of apricots with him.  This 30 lb box of 'jammers' was only 30 cents a pound.  

A great buy for me, but you have to wonder how the farmers can be making any money.  They weren't even over ripe, maybe had more blemishes than usual, but otherwise they were great.  I was only able to do up a couple of bags, I'll have to wait until the rest of them ripen more.  And the power came back on after about an hour and a quarter, so I had to do jam after all.  My aim is always to make at least the same monetary amount of jam in a week, that I sold the previous weekend.  Ideally I would make more, so I get ahead and can go to Oliver and not have to make jam while I'm there.  I'm proud to say that maybe I'm kicking that 'funk' to the curb, because I did finally (yesterday evening and this evening) make about 100 cups of 8 different kinds of jam AND I'm a bit ahead of the game.

This fun app showed up on Facebook this evening. This is with an Art Deco filter

Be sure to let me know how much time you 'waste' playing around with your photos;-)


  1. It takes me forever to get all my pictures edited. I am on a bad network so it takes forever to download them once they are edited. Peach jam sounds really good. I like the drenched baby robin. It looked like it was still in that feed me mode. I tweak my photos with strengthening the color and I try to do just a touch of contrast. My automatic correction on my program really doesn't help and usual gives everything too much color.

  2. What a sweet little Robin. Glad you put him out of the rain. I do spend too much time messing with the pictures. I really take too many shots of one thing, then can't decide which is best. I love all the neat things you found at the garage your last post.

  3. Wasn't that just an awesome rain we had. All 5 of our rain barrels are full now ( just in case we go back to drought again). Those apricots look tasty and .30 lb is quite a deal! I'm glad to hear you're getting over your 'funk' and making endless pots of jam again. As for playing around with my pictures.... I am so technologically challenged that I'm happy just to get them downloaded from my camera!!! Or is it uploaded?

  4. Hi Karen, I saw your blog on a sister bloggers favorites list and I had to come visit. You have a wonderful site and now I am following you, too:) Your photographs are lovely and I'm going to check out that face book app. Thank you for sharing. You certainly created an interesting photo with it. I love making new blogging friends and I hope that you will visit my blog and maybe even follow me back. I'm very happy to meet you.
    Connie :)

  5. I try not to spend too much time on photos...I tweak a few for facebook and my photo blog but usually just leave them alone. Yeah for you getting ahead on the Jam:)

  6. I take so many photos, I just whizz through the editing! That filter looks like fun, though. Good luck to the fledgling! :)


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