Sunday, October 2, 2011

Early Morning Walk

We had a bit more time this morning, when we headed off to the market.  We stopped at the seasonal off leash park at Campbell Valley Park, just before 8 am..  It's used as a hay field during the spring and summer months, but October to April, you are allowed to take your dogs through the fields.  It's been a year since we were there.  In fact the very same day exactly a year ago, except last year we stopped on the way home from the market.  And the weirdest thing was....we saw the same dogs, and they were the only other dogs besides ours, that we saw when we were there last year.  How weird is that?

I wanted to check out 'our' crab apple tree.  There were some apples on it, but not a lot, and I don't think I'm bothered about going back to get some.  Don't feel like putting out the effort.

We use our smallest folding dog crate in the back of the truck, because that is all there is room for by the time we've piled the coolers with the eggs and the vegetables and flowers in there.  It's a bit small for Calli, but she doesn't care.  She likes to lie in it at the market, and stick her head up through the sun roof!
We have a Ford Ranger, and Jake and Luna ride behind the front seats.

A much nicer day at the market this Sunday, compared to last week, thank Dawg!


  1. What are those round white things in the first picture? They look like alien eggs. Love, love, love the photos.
    Calli....Jet likes to use our soft crate (which I think might be one size smaller) for the same reason you do...he can pop his head out and look around or curl up in a small ball to be away from everyone. ;0)

  2. Cali looks so cute in there. Careful of the fog monster! Glad it was a better day for you at the market
    Benny & Lily

  3. gvmama - Those white things are the big round hay bales, wrapped in white plastic so that they can be stored outside.

  4. Wow...I think you should superimpose a little alien coming out of one of the hay eggs. That is such an awesome picture.

  5. Beautiful foggy field but the plastic kinda spoils the look.
    Glad you had some better weather this weekend!

  6. I hope that the fat dog was a bit thinner than last year.
    Lovely Foggy photos..and that one of Calli made me smile:)


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