Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poochmobile-Trial Run

Tonight I finished off a project that first started three years ago, or maybe it's four.  I bought a bike trailer off Craigslist, with the intention of making suitable for Calli, and maybe Jake as well, to ride in.  I know it was before we got Luna.  I took the two sling seats out, and then tried to figure out how to make a solid base in the bottom, while keeping it lightweight.  For some reason I never got it finished.
Because we are going to be doing some biking in the next few days, and will have the dogs with us, I suddenly decided yesterday afternoon to resurrect the project.  It was buried out in the barn, under bags of sheep's wool, wooden drawers and other assorted 'junk' that surely one day was going to be just the thing I was looking for.  Dumped the mouse poop off the board I had got cut for the bottom and dragged it all into the garage.  Figured out how to make the thin board a bit sturdier and better supported, and how to make a new wall.   The original trailer was that sort of triangular shape, looking from the side.  I wanted to make it bigger.  I took the handle that you used if you wanted to push the trailer like a stroller, and fastened it on the front.  Then I just happened to have a piece of heavy duty plastic that was the perfect size for what I needed.  Love it when things work out like that:)  Some velcro attached in the right spots, and the poochmobile was ready to roll.  I had never actually attached it to the bike until this morning.  Luna was the first victim.  She's game for most things, and the trial run went well.  So I went back and got Jake and put him in with Luna.  He is not so thrilled about that sort of thing, but he didn't make a break for freedom.  
Larry had come out to see, so I suggested he give it a try, with Calli as the passenger.  
We always ride bikes in rubber boots:)  As you can see by the road, it had been raining.  It rained all yesterday, and it rained most of today, so it's definitely rubber boot time. 

Tonight I spent a couple of hours sewing velcro and webbing along the edges of that plastic.  Now the top fits snugly down over my new front and sidewalls, and everything is fastened in place.  It all worked like a charm, I'm thrilled:)  Can't wait to give it a real workout.  I've also decided it's easier to get the dogs in the trailer via the back door instead of the front.

Can I get out now, I'd rather just RUN!!!


  1. Clever you! The dogs, however, don't look as impressed...they have "that" look on their faces. :)

  2. Great looking poochmobile..Calli can go with you now. I bet she will love it once she gets used to it. :)

  3. That is so cool, great for Calli! I'm sure Luna and Jake would rather run. It would drive Ryker bonkers, he would chew his way out the minute my back was turned.

  4. Is that cool or what! Great job! What fun you will have! :D

    Waggin at ya,


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