Sunday, October 9, 2011


Pride has decided that he wants to go out into the bush field.  This just started a few days ago.

This summer we are really noticing that he is showing his age. (He will be 30 next March).  His back has dropped and he looks quite swaybacked.  He hasn't put the weight on that he usually does over the summer.  Other than that, he still seems healthy, and gets around just fine.

He knows that the apples are long gone, but makes a side trip just to make sure.

No, there's no apples left.

Where is he heading to?

We catch up to him down the trail.

What the heck is he doing?

There must be something in that soil that he likes or needs.  He does get loose salt and minerals daily, and has free access to a salt lick.  This just started a few days ago.  Normally he doesn't go along the trail.  Somehow can he sense that there is some tasty soil out in the bush?  Does he remember that he has been down there before, in previous years, and licked the soil in those low wet spots.
We have had five horses over the years.  At various times, and I wouldn't say it has even been every year, they have ventured into the bush and licked the soil in a few particular spots.
It's weird, and fascinating!


  1. Hmmmmm very intriguing. Don't have anything to contribute as to why? What does Luna think?

  2. Luna thinks Pride can lick all the mud he wants. She's quite willing to stand and watch:)

  3. hahaha I bet she is. She reminds me of Kilt with Jet. Where ever Jet goes, there is Kilt. I wish Jet would just turn around and bite her. How annoying. :0)

  4. 30 years, good for Pride! Sorry the apples are all gone : (

  5. Pride must smell something in the must be a good smell..and it must be something she needs.. Luna stays close:)


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