Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Raking up Fall

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day.
The leaves were dry, so with the help hindrance of my lovely sidekick Luna, we got all the leaves on the driveway raked up and spread down the raspberry rows.  I had to tell myself to not worry about trying to get every last leaf, because there are many many more to come.

Thank goodness for yesterday.  Today was just the opposite.  5 degrees Celcius when we walked through the bush this morning, with rain to boot.  Yuk.
I had to break down and get out a pair of jeans today.  The first jeans I've worn in months, since sometime in the Spring.  It's that British blood, weren't we all raised wearing shorts and knee socks?
I will admit to wearing the occasional full length pants since then, but to me jeans mean cold weather, and I'm reluctant to give up on mild sunny days just yet.


  1. What a terrific photo of the three of you in the big pile of leaves! Fit for a calendar I'd say :D Now I would have had to jump in every one of those very nice piles of leaves ;) Good thing I wasn't there to help eh? ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Great photo of the three in leaves! Ours are all down and in the woods..Chance helps too..until I say "enough" ..sometimes it is easy to entertain a dog:)

  3. You need to a BIG Green Valley wind to just blow those leaves away. Just like in Camelot!
    Today was our first FALL day....low 50's all day. :0)


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