Friday, May 20, 2011

The Week Isn't Over Yet

Tomorrow and Sunday are the BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championships.  Luckily they are being held here in Abbotsford, or else I probably wouldn't be going.
It's been a miserable week, what with my mum's stroke and all, and I haven't really given the Regionals much thought, and I'm not really 'into it' at the moment.  I'm running both Jake and Luna tomorrow and Sunday, and who knows how it is going to go.
Yesterday was a very depressing visit with my Mum.  She seemed worse to me.  Her left eye was droopy, and she seemed more affected by the stroke that the two days previous.  She had been dreaming/hallucinating the night before and must have tried to stand up and walk away from the bed, and of course crashed to the floor.  Fortunately nothing was broken.
Today when I visited, she seemed better, not really physically, as she can't do much at all with the left arm yet, but she just seemed better somehow.  The eye wasn't droopy though, and that made a big difference.
The nurse seemed quite pleased with how much she had eaten, how she had done with the therapy, and just how she seemed to be.  I left the hospital today feeling much better.
When I talked to the doctor this morning, he said there a few days of swelling that happen from the stroke, which would account for the droopy eye yesterday.  It will take about two weeks before they have a good idea of what her recovery will be, and she will probably be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks.  She might be sent elsewhere for more therapy.
Anyway, I'll be entering the competition tomorrow feeling better about things, so let's hope that carries over to our performance.  I'll let you know!


  1. We will keep you and your Mom in our thoughts and prayers. Go to the trials - you need to do something for yourself too.


  2. Left-sided hemiparesis (weakness)involves injury to the right side of the brain, which controls the process of how we learn, non-verbal communication and certain types of behavior. Damage to this area of the brain can also cause people to talk excessively, have memory problems and short attention spans.

    Make SURE they have a bed alarm on. She is in a rehab, correct? And, best wishes in the competition. Run off that STRESS!

  3. Did they give her that clot busting injection? I have heard it does wonders if given right away. You just never can tell how much is stroke and how much is just AGE. You will just have to wait it out.

    I hope you have some good runs with Jake and Luna..:)

  4. Thinking of you Karen. May the runs go well & give a needed boost.


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