Sunday, May 8, 2011


The fields are full of them.
When we are not seeing much sun, they are a cheery sight.

Some people spray their lawns and fields to be rid of them.
We should all be eating them.

The sheep know.

Pride loves them too.
The dandelion has a very long tap root that accesses minerals that many other plants can't.


  1. I love the music to this video.

    The sheep certainly targets the flowers. Maybe you could lease her out to the people in the subdivisions as an organic, chemical free dandelion eradication system.

  2. I agree with would make sense to me. On I love any yellow flower including the Dandys:)

  3. My sheep would LOVE some Dandilions right now. All of their pasture has already turned to golden foxtails :0(

  4. I could have watched that for hours...nothing like watching them eat.


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