Monday, May 23, 2011

Earth Calling Cloud Nine

Unfortunately today I had to come back down to earth.  It was a fun weekend, despite the fact that the weather just really sucked.  Running two dogs in different rings, more often than not at opposite corners of the field, worked out okay, although sometimes it was straight from one ring, back to the tent to switch dogs, and then straight to the other ring. Hopefully I'll get a post done about the weekend in a day or two.
Today it was back to reality.  Looking out and seeing April the sheep, who has been having real mobility issues these past few days.  She doesn't seem to be in pain, and is still eating well, or well for a senior citizen, but her time is drawing to a close quickly.
Back to the hospital in White Rock to visit my mother.  It's the seventh day since her stroke.  I'm certainly not seeing any great positive changes.  Her mind is pretty good , but I still notice some things.  Her left leg has stopped spasming, but I don't think she can move it as much now as she could before.  I stopped by her place to water a few things, take in the papers, feed and brush her cat.  Now I need to go through the fridge and sort things out.  I can't see her being back there anytime soon, maybe not ever.  It's all rather depressing.


  1. So sad... Sending good vibes to you
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hope you mum is up and about soon :-)

  3. Never give up..she may rally all takes time to sort out. I bet the kitty was lonely. Are you an only child? You seem to be shouldering most of your Moms care..:)

  4. Don't give up hope. Things were not looking good for my Grandmother two years ago and now she's as feisty as ever.

    Sending you my well wishes and hope. :)

  5. Thanks for the best wishes. I have a sister in Ontario, which is about 3000 miles away. She is the one raising the guide dog puppy.


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