Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter's Last Hurrah (We hope!)

We woke up to a few inches of snow.

There was a real feeding frenzy around the feeders this morning.  The birds seemed to be sharing better, as quite often there was a bird on all four sides of the feeder.  

A whole bunch of robins stopped by

Junco on the edge of the deck

Towhee at the suet block

The chickens weren't impressed though.
She said if we came outside we could have ice cream.  This might look like ice cream, but it sure doesn't taste like ice cream!
She tricked us...puuuck, puck, puck, puck

Whether it tastes like ice cream or not, the dogs love it

And now it's mild, there's some wind and the snow is melting.
Thankfully the only water we'll have to carry now is out to Pride until his water trough thaws enough to be able to break the ice.  It's probably frozen right through to the bottom at the moment.

Time to get back to our regularly scheduled program, Spring that is!


  1. Now that is some snow! The dogs look like they had a blast! Great bird shots! Robins..I won't see them till late April or May:)

  2. I hope spring comes soon for you!

  3. You made me think....I need more bird feeders. My mother and I used to keep a written record of all the different birds we would see before I went to school each morning (many moons ago). :0) I think we had well over 50 different types of birds we had spotted.

  4. I'm with the chicken's on this one. By this time of year I am tired of the snow. A lot of good it does me! It was 4 degrees out this morning as I got to work and windy to boot.
    I did enjoy the pictures of happy dogs and birds!


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