Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Bonus Day

The last few days have given us some decent weather, but today was supposed to be cloudy, the last dry day before the next weather system came in.
We got a real bonus though. It was lovely and sunny, a day where eagles flirted with jet planes.

A day when one man's many hours of fruit tree pruning is coming to it's final conclusion. 

A nice dry day to gather up all the branches under the trees and light the fire.
Where's the marshmallows?
See that building across the road.  That's where we've been going to practice agility for the last few weeks while our regular building is taken over by BMX racing.
Couldn't be much handier.

A day warm enough that guys can shed their coat and pause long enough to give Calli some lovin'

A day that you can take time to throw the ball for a couple of obsessed border collies

A day in which Jake makes himself look totally weird and uncoordinated

And then begs for the ball to be thrown some more

A day in which a Luna(tic) herds a chicken, herds the rake, chases the ball, herds a different chicken, chases the ball, herds the rake......

And a day when goofy Calli has to settle for half a brick when she can't find a rock.

There are so many things around here that need to be done.  Larry's job of choice just lately was to go out and work on the pruning.  It's one of those jobs that you don't have to think too hard about.  You just pick up a few tools, move the ladder to the right spot, and work as long as you want.  When you've had enough, you carry the pruning tools back to the house, and then go back out and do some more when you feel like it.  Much, much simpler than some of the other jobs that need doing.
I'm interested to see what he's going to pick to work on next.

I'm working on my own simple job.  It's no where near done yet.  The rate I'm going, it will probably be the end of the month before I'm finished.   


  1. That was fun. I liked all the photos. The pruning looks like an awful lot of work. Nice weather though. We are still deep in snow. I hate to think of all our work ahead. So many limbs and twigs to pick up and just general yard work to do. At least I don't have farm animals to take care of too. Your work never ends.

  2. Of course, I like Luna and the chicken :0) We stll don't have our roses pruned :0(

  3. The dogs all look like they enjoyed the sunny is strange to see green grass and shirtsleeves! Half a brick..Calli is obsessed:)

  4. Still waiting for the marshmallows. Happee to see you got some sun
    Benny & Lily

  5. What a beautiful day... enjoyed by all! Lucky ducks!

    My favorite? Lunatic herding chickens, ha ha

    I had no idea that eagles could leave jet streams!

  6. I'm so ready for winter to be over! Those sunny days just keep teasing us.

    We recently were gifted a whole bunch of almost new gardening tools by someone who is leaving the country & I'm kind of itching to go try some things out. The magnolia & camelia need to wait until they bloom & then they'll get attacked with the new pruners.

    My only fruit tree is a little wee baby colonnade apple I planted last spring. No pruning required LOL. I'm still not sure if it's made it through the winter. Darwin gets into digging frenzies & he tried to dig it up a couple times. (shake fist! at silly dog)

    I know you have a nut tree & I was thinking of planting one but is there any point? Can one actually get say hazelnuts (b/e they're my fave) before the squirrels & raccoons?

    & hey, I think it's time to plant peas! I always forget to do them in the fall so I have to do them in the miserable rainy wet Feb....

    Oh spring! please come soon.


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