Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eagles and Trivia, but not Trivial Eagles

We were heading into town yesterday.  Thankfully only got a couple of miles away, when I suddenly remembered that I had left a bag with two fresh chickens and 5 packages of frozen ground beef on the stairs to the family room.
Long story short....I was unloading a cooler of meat that I had left overnight in the car.  I had put the beef and chicken on the stairs to take to the upstairs freezer, while I put some beef lung (dog food) in the freezer in the garage.  While I was in there, I took some meat out of that freezer to put in the fridge in the utility room to thaw out for the dogs, and then continued up the other stairs, forgetting all about the bag on the family room stairs.
Calli didn't have access to it, and Jake and Luna are pretty good about not taking something they shouldn't when we are around, but I think that would be just tempting fate to leave them alone with a bag of meat like that.  So we turned around right by this tree with the three eagles sitting in it.  Since we had to go back home, I grabbed the camera and took these shots when we passed the tree again. I had to wonder what they had been eating to make the top of their heads so dirty like that.
The weirdest thing was when we got into town and were driving down a four lane street right next to the high school. There was an eagle on the sidewalk with something grey and rain washed.  Dead cat or opossum I'm guessing, but so weird to see the eagle on the sidewalk in such a busy urban area.  I've heard they are really struggling to find food this winter.  Unfortunately there was nowhere to stop, as it would have been a great photo.  When you are on the same level as one, it makes you realize how large those birds really are.

And on a completely different note...
Larry popped that all important question 30 years ago today.
I guess I must have said yes!
Oops, thought I beat the midnight cutoff, guess not, just pretend this was actually posted on Tuesday.


  1. 2 fresh chickens and 3 live balds...Congrats on the 30 yrs.

  2. Those are juveniles - their white feathers haven't come in completely on their heads which gives them a dirty head appearance. Great shots!

  3. Carolynn, one is definitely a juvenile, and the other two might be just 'turned'. From other juvenile eagle photos I compared them to, the dark spot on their head doesn't really match how they transition from dark heads to white heads. It was a wet miserable day, and they all look a bit scraggly, and I had visions of them with their heads inside something gross:)

  4. most likely young / juvenile
    they don't get their white heads until they are several years (4?) OLD

  5. OOPS I see someone already suggested that

  6. Happy Anniversary. We have eagles around here that have been known to swoop down low over the property after on of our dogs. We can't let him outside anymore by himself because of this. With our sheep and goats we have decided to leave a lot of trees standing in the future pasture areas to give the animals a little protection from the threats from above.

  7. Sometimes they just look dirty headed..the rain more than likely..I have had them look like that too. They are huge..especially the adults..enough deer get hit by cars around here to keep them in food, they are filthy scavangers. I hope your closet project is going well..what fun a whole new closet! :)


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