Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeding Time at the Farm

Yesterday the chickens had chicken.... for breakfast.  Are we making cannibals out of them?
Well not quite.

When I visit my 81 year old mother, she often hands me a bag of goodies for the chickens.  All her bread crusts, leftovers she didn't like, anything edible she doesn't want that doesn't go in her compost, all gets added to a bag in her freezer.  When it's full enough she gives it to me to bring home for the chickens.  
And if you didn't already know, well chickens eat just about anything, and yes, they will eat chicken.

But this was fake chicken.
My mother isn't quite vegetarian, but she doesn't cook any meat, although she will eat real chicken at a restaurant.
She thought this fake chicken might be good, but I guess it wasn't.

The real chickens thought the fake chicken was pretty good though.
I think there was a baked potato to go along with it, along with various varieties of bread crusts.
A real dog's breakfast.
And if the dogs could have got through the gate, they would be right in there grabbing what they could.

When I feed April and TOE, there is always some grain that gets dropped

TOE lifts her head out of the bucket and drops grain on the ground.
The clean up crew is standing by though.  

April's feed bag  bucket is still working really well.  She doesn't spill anything.
The dogs are quite happy to clean up any spilled grain that the chickens and sheep don't get.
Nothing much gets wasted around here.

....And just because I have to share the beauty, here's tonight's sunset. 
We've certainly had some lovely ones lately.


  1. We don't think Mr. Sheep is happee Ms. Chicken is eating his stuff.
    Benny & Lily

  2. I don't eat much meat... so I'm always looking for meat substitutes

    I've had some pretty yucky purchases. I'll remember that brand and not buy it. (:

  3. Oh my gosh that is a fabulous sunset! Thanks so much for sharin it! :D

    Laughin my tail off at the chickens muchin down on fake chicken BOL!

    Thanks for the chuckle :P

  4. Sure glad that was fake chicken, otherwise it would be kind of creepy!
    Looks like that feed bucket handle over the head has really worked out well. But I bet the chickens don't think so!

  5. I think the pictures of the sheep with their heads crammed in the buckets is hilarious. Sheep will do almost anything for grain.


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