Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're All Gonna Be Rich!

This ad has been playing on our tv quite a bit.  There is a whole controversy about the farmed salmon, and I'm going to stay away from that, but I find the ad kind of funny. 
I'm sure we've all seen those kind of emails.  I'm not seeing so many any more, probably because my spam program is doing a better job.  I just checked my gmail adress that is posted on the blog though, and there's a half dozen or so there, offering me great riches.

 Last week we got an envelope in the mail addressed to Larry.  It had this stamp on the front.  And since we don't know anyone in Tanzania.....
And if anyone collects stamps and is interested in this uncancelled one, let me know and I'll send it to you.

Yep, here it is, offering Larry the promise of great riches!
Wouldn't you think they could at least send a decent quality photocopy, with a 'real' signature on the bottom?
Wow, the mail is slow coming out of Tanzania though.
If nothing else it was good for a laugh.

And then yesterday we saw this on the front page of one of our local papers.
We're not the only ones that have the opportunity to be rich in our neighbourhood!

A few months ago my mother got something along the same lines.  Apparently they were searching for a long lost relative, due for a big inheritance.  The interesting part was that the Spanish lawyer and the office mentioned actually did exist (the miracle of Google), but the contact information was different.

Just point me in their direction, I'd be happy to bite their butts


  1. Ah good for you..Lets us know how the view is from the top...I hope you buy your own private island called Dog Island and invite all your friends! :)

  2. I love those ads too. Have you seen the one where the kid has a party and when the parents get home he blames the cat? The plops the cat outside. Good ads but I still won't buy any farmed fish.
    I teach computers to seniors (and others) and I really stress the security issues. One of these fellows was contacted by someone saying they were his grandson and they were stuck in Quebec and needed money. He has a bunch of grandsons and almost sent the money.
    I also received an email from my husband's cousin saying they were mugged in England and needed cash to pay for the hospital bill because they hit her husband. They used the right names and everything.
    They had just hacked her Facebook email and used her info to solicit cash. I promptly noted on Facebook that if I need money from my friends and family I will never post it on there but will phone them all and they had better buck up!!!!


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