Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Birthday Reminiscing and Exercise

Today, well February 1st (it all depends when I actually get this post done) is Larry's birthday.  He's 36, or maybe that's 63?                          That's Larry on the left with big brother Keith

Larry in the center with brother Ken and Boston Terrier Dixie, and younger brother Harvey

Mom and the four boys.  That's Larry standing in front

Elementary school in Cloverdale, maybe grade 2 or 3.  Larry is third from the left, front row.

At the house on 64th Ave in Cloverdale, Larry's in the white t-shirt

Grade nine
Second from the left, back row.

Late 60's maybe?
Second from the left again

21 years ago, up the apple tree with David

On his 50th birthday down at the dyke with Meredith and David and Echo

And so it seemed right that we should go down to the dyke again today.  The water levels are back down to normal.  Compare this picture to the one just below taken 3 1/2 weeks ago.  The water is at least 4 feet lower.  The swimming hole has changed a little bit.

3 1/2 weeks ago

We do have this hunk of wood in the 50th birthday pictures somewhere.  We have a box of photos that I thought it was in, but couldn't find it.  I only found the one posted above.  It was another beautiful day though.  Before we were half the way through the walk I had my coat off.  Poor Larry, it was hard to look handsome, youthful and intelligent while squinting into the sun.

To heck with Larry, this was the best shot of Jake:)

The dogs were glad when we got the picture posing over with

Let's get a move on there folks!

Being such a beautiful day, there were lots of other people and dogs down there.  The most impressive one was a husky mix called Eskimo.  Luna was actually relatively pleasant (Luna style) to this one.

Jake wanted to play, but Eskimo was quite ancient, and didn't do much more than saunter along.

He would have been pretty impressive all brushed out, but there were some ugly big mats in his tail.  And speaking of tail, some dogs figured they'd better check under it.

If you're going to be another year older, it might as well be on a beautiful day like this one.

Happy Birthday Larry!!


  1. What a wonderful birthday post!

    Happy Happy Birthday Larry! So glad the weather was so beautiful for y'all! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Happy Birthday Larry!
    I sure see David in the class photo.

  3. Happy Birthday Larry. I think Luna and Kilt both know who "might" be a threat to them and who is NOT a threat to them :0)

  4. Happy Birthday Larry. Seems you got a wonderful day to celebrate.Anthony's son has the same day & he was bunkering down in Cairns to get through a cyclone. Loved the pics Karen!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Larry!

    To me that dog looks like a wooly malamute. It's a genetic fault - used to be culled but now they're often kept as pets. The coat is soft & long & mats very easily. Keeping a wooly is big job - daily brushings and the occasional trim required (whereas 'proper' mal's have very easy care coats, except when they blow coat....) We think Daisy is 1/2 mal so it's a breed I read up on :-)

  6. Hornblower - The owner did refer to the dog as a mal, and I can never keep the mals and the sibes straight (I knew someone with a long haired sibe), so I went with the generic 'husky':)

    Janice - Australia is having one heck of bad go of it this summer:( Hope they don't get much damage from the cyclone.

  7. Those old photos are fun to look at! Did we really look like that???
    That Wooly Malemute is rather handsome but I sure wouldn't want to have to groom him. Looks like nobody else wanted to either!

  8. Happy Birthday Larry! What a beautiful day you had..not a rain drop in sight! I enjoyed all the old photos..they are so much fun to look at. Four boys..his Mom certainly had her hands full! :)


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