Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roll on Spring!

We got about half an inch of wet snow yesterday, and then it froze over night.  This morning it cleared up and we had a dusting of sparkling snow and sunshine. Very pretty!  

When we were coming back from our bush walk, the fog was really rolling up out of the valley.

Luna supervises while Pride gets his morning apple.

A real mixed bag of weather today.  Beautiful sunshine for a while, and it got quite mild and all the snow, other than in shaded spots, melted and disappeared. I did a bit of gardening, and Larry pruned the neighbour's trees.  Then late this afternoon some really dark clouds came over and we got another half an hour of snow, so we have a light covering on everything again.

Here's a bit of a video of Luna this morning.  The first part is where she has been left in a stay while Larry walks up through the riding ring with Pride to put his breakfast in his bucket.  She wants to harass Pride sometimes, so if we make her stay until Pride is in his shed, it's just safer for everyone.  And, it's good practice for her to stay when she'd really rather go!
Then she has a roll in the snow, and heads off to look for the perfect horse poop to snack on. 
We have started practicing her with our weave poles again.  When the spacing changed to 24" apart, we stopped using our 20" ones.  Obviously though we needed to keep practicing with her though, as she and Larry were having a lot of trouble in trials.  When Larry was having a lesson the other week, the trainer said she still uses her old poles, so since last week we run the dogs through them a few times on the way back from our walk.  It must be helping as Luna had brilliant weaves at our club practice last night, and the fact that they were 24" poles didn't seem to make any difference.


  1. Oh she looks so happy! I love the scooting the belly on the snow LOL. Darwin does it on the carpet but not out in the snow - tooooo cold on his private bits I expect :-)

    Did you use a hand cue to send her to the weaves? Because she went for them before you said "weave". Just curious.

  2. That fourth photo is wonderful..Luna and Pride in the fog..exceptional!! She is full of energy in the video:)

  3. Hornblower - Well I'm not too coordinated handling the camera and a ball and trying to direct a dog, but I probably did direct her with my arm. Since we had already been doing it before I actually filmed this weave, she was basically offering me the behaviour as soon as I made any motion in that direction.

  4. Your weather is very fickle!
    I also love the shot with Luna and Pride in the fog. Very nice shot!

  5. Border Collies just plain ole love life. Snow just adds to their pleasure.

  6. Beautiful..what a nice day, but chilly
    Benny & Lily


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