Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's Toss-Up

Just some random photos.....
Pride sans coat this morning.  We had blue sky and a little bit of sunshine

Leaves and puddles and reflections down the trail

A lovely dahlia still blooming (sorry, Hornblower!)

Some dud figs.  Hopefully next year we'll be successful.

Here's the inside of the figs, with a quarter for size reference.  They have sat there at that size for months, all through the time that other people's figs were ripening.

Raspberries too.  I haven't been particularly impressed by these Fall raspberries.  They haven't had a lot of taste, and by this point they are really blah.  I walked away and forgot to even try these.

Lots of kale.  I first put in this variety in 2008, and haven't had to plant any since.  They reseed themselves and come up all over the place.

No problem though, the chickens love to eat it.

A gladiola that is a little confused as to the time of year

Rudbeckia lanciniata


And what we call geraniums, but are actually pelargoniums

A begonia

And two border collies that are always up for a game of fetch.

It looks like we will get some freezing overnight temperatures on the weekend, and even a chance of snow flurries.  Time to get out there and salvage any tender vegetables.


  1. Those are wonderful pictures! We were surprised to hear of the beautiful raspberries not tasting so good, because they just look soo red, juicy and YUMMY!
    We love dahlias too!!

  2. I am sure that would be a great selling point for your eggs.
    "The chickens that laid these eggs ate kale"
    Healthy eggs for sure.

  3. Okay you got me...what constitutes a fig being a dud? They look good to me. Are they supposed to be ripened into purple?

  4. Lori, the figs seem to get this big, and go no further. If I remember I'll cut one open and take a shot and post it, so check back later.

    Cathy, I should take a picture of the chickens chowing down on a big kale plant, and have it in the photo album I have on my table at the farmers market.

    Keiko, I'm hoping those raspberries are better next year. We had a lot of rain during their ripening time, so that might be most of the reason they are kind of 'washed out' tasting:) They don't compare at all to the summer raspberries.

  5. I'll admit my dirty horrible gardening secret. I hate gardening in Nov. In fact, I hate it so much, that every year when I prepare my annual agenda & put in all the birthdays & anniversaries etc, I put in a big sticky note in October which says: "pull out garden first good weekend - not worth waiting till Nov."

    I used to wait (cause there's so much cool stuff in Oct, things saying "I'm not dead yet! Just resting!" and many things start looking all architectural & interesting & I'd leave them for fall focal points..... & then I'd be out there some soggy day in Nov, in freezing rain, cutting down the perennials & raking & pulling.....and all along I'd be cursing about how much this sucked.

    I'm a fair weather gardener. So now I go in & kill things before their time. :-)

    But I do still have tomato plants in the greenhouse. There is not enough light to have anything come of that but it's funny to see the giant green bushes in there. I really have to start actually using this greenhouse for real & not just as a see through storage space for gardening tools.

  6. Hornblower, too funny!
    It's not that I'm leaving things because they look lovely or anything, actually it all looks a bl**dy mess. Ya know, it's that whole procrastinating thing (yes, I did look at that link you sent me. Really I need to look at it every day, but then I would procrastinate about that...)
    Actually, there's nothing wrong with leaving the garden cleanup until the new year, at least in my book. Quite often we get a lovely stretch in February. This year we seem to be quite behind on the cleanup. Too much blogging on my part I think:( No actually I think I'll blame it on the rain we got this year:) The orchard garden is a muddy swampy mess, but I do have to get that row of dahlias out of there. I'll have to start at one end and work and walk my way down the raised hump they are planted in, as it is a rubber boot sucking mess in between the humps.
    A clean tidied up garden can give you more pleasure than a messy, overgrown, the odd thing still flowering one like mine. So I'll envy you yours!

  7. Boy, it sure is fun looking at all the flowers when we are buried in snow! Our apples and cherries did not have enough summer to ripen...it was their first year to bear fruit. Maybe next year will be better for them and your figs!
    I love your chickens...wish we could have them where we are but we are not in a location that allows farm animals.
    Oh, and Hornblower, I'll tell you my really dirty secret...I left all mine for spring clean-up. Now that is true procrastination! We had an early snow that messed up my little plan.

  8. Well..we mowed all the perennials and wildflowers down with the lawn mower..it is a quick fix..and what ever croaks because of our hard winters so be it. I can tell you are more dedicated to gardening than I am..and your flowers are more beautiful too!
    Oh I love a good Pelargonium..that is how I learned them too!
    Lovely Dahlia..I wonder what is wrong with your figs?? It is very curious..figs are expensive and I am sure you would love to sell them. :)


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