Monday, November 29, 2010

Rabbit Hunting

Our poor deprived dogs.  I'm not one of those owners who makes lots of visits to Petsmart or the like to buy dog toys.  Many of the toys they have are ones that some poor dog has lost, and Jake or Luna has found.  We have bought lots of those orange street hockey balls over the years, and Jake has added multiple tennis balls to the collection.  
Yesterday I was in the pet thrift store, and this poor little rabbit cried out to me to be taken home.  He knew we could give him a good home with lots of attention, affection, good food and love.  I thought about, we really didn't want any more pets...but then I was in my favourite kind of store, and it was half price what the heck, I plunked down my 50 cents, and the rabbit came home with us.  I didn't name him though, because I knew that the home he was coming to really wasn't what he thought it was, and that his life might be short.

Like many siblings, Jake and Luna had a bit of a spat as to who got to play with the new toy first.  Once the novelty wore off, they shared, well sort of.

First off, he met Smudge.  Poor Smudge, between a rock rabbit and a hard place  Luna.  She didn't know which way to turn

Hmm, a new friend, for us?

Luna is much bolder

Come to meeeeee, little bunny.......

Look, this is my 'sit like a bunny' trick...
Will it get me the bunny back?

That is one tough bunny, and did we get our 50 cents worth?  
Well you be the judge.

Unfortunately the music I added to this was disallowed by Youtube, so I had to pick something else.  Well they gave me a ton of options that they could add right there and then, so I picked something pretty random.  This isn't what I picked, not quite sure how it ended up there, but here you go....
Okay, that's really weird.  When I go to the preview, this IS what I picked, but when I go to Youtube's website, the video has a different soundtrack, at least for me, right now.  So why is it when I copy and paste the embed code, I get different music on the blog.  Clear as mud I know, but it is really weird.

PS  Monday morning --- I'm not getting the same music that was playing here when I posted this last night, but am now getting what was playing on Youtube's website.
And who really cares, you are thinking?  Well I just find it all very odd:)


  1. Looks like bunny is gettin a lot of "luvin" :) Seems Luna won the first bunny tuggy contest. The music was funny BOL! I was waitin for Jake and Luna to do a strip tease. Maybe that's what bunny was doin ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  2. You cruel, cruel woman. We build a relationshiop with the bunny, and then we watch it being mauled. So sad :-)
    By the way I know where you can get a cat for free :-) Now I am the cruel woman.

  3. They got their 50 cents worth! I can't believe by the end of the video the rabbit still had ears! I love giving a new toy to the dogs. It's like Christmas for them everytime!

  4. Weird, this morning the music is not what it was last night, but is what was playing with the video on Youtube's website.

  5. It gets weirder and weirder...Now it's playing the music it was playing last night...
    And I think I'll shut up about it now:)

  6. You sure did work for 50 cent bunny. Bet bunny needs stitches.BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Anything can happen in the You Tube world..even changing music that drives you nuts!
    Looks like they had a blast..well worth the 50 cents! :)


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