Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Dad......

Aug 28, 1925 - November 29,1986

I sure wish you could have stuck around longer. Sixty one years seems such a short life as I get closer to that age.  You missed meeting five of your six wonderful grandkids.  They missed you being a part of their lives as they were growing up.  You didn't get to take them fishing, or out in your sailboat, or show them how to 'throw' a pottery bowl.  And I know how much you loved kids.

On this date, 24 years ago, my Dad passed away of a massive heart attack while out on his sailboat.  He was alone, and a friend out sailing spotted his boat drifting aimlessly.  
It was completely unexpected, although there was a real family history of heart problems.  He thought his issue was a stomach ulcer, but now I have to wonder how much of what he thought was ulcer pain was actually heart pain.

Here's Meredith and her 'Buppa', a few months before he died

A friend of mine said her dad had said he would give five years off his life to die quickly like my dad did, doing something he loved.  In reality though, I'm not sure that he would.  Five years is a long time in a child's life.

We love you and miss you Dad


  1. He was way too young to die, for sure.
    What beautiful photos!

  2. Sailing, fishing, and pottery. I love your Dad. I was just thinking about throwing some clay the other day even though my hands are pretty arthritic now. I thought 71was too young for my mother to pass away. Enjoy every day that you get up!

  3. Lovely remembrance post. It brings back fond memories of my father.
    I lost my dad to a massive heart attack Nov. 1999. He too loved life but was a ripe 86 years old and had a know heart problem.
    Your dad was awfully young to pass on. But no matter it age we all wish we had more time with them. We are rarely prepared for beginnings or endings it seems, or changes in general.

  4. What a great tribute. Moms getting all sniffly
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Karen, What a lovely tribute! He was young..I am sorry. He sounds like he had so much to share:)


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